Car purifier eliminates formaldehyde risks

I believe that many car owners will encounter such a situation, the new car bought will smell obvious irritating odors, especially in the moment of driving the door. Many owners disapprove of this "new car flavor", but they do not know that this smell has come a long way. The rep ----more

How to realize the robot's perception and understan…

In the process of evolution, animals first evolved to use tactile sensation and recognize objects. Before the eyes appear, animals can recognize and recognize external objects through touch. The appearance of the eyes makes the animals touch the external objects by touching the image ----more

LED lamp beads development trend

Writing this headline is also due to a friend who sent a message asking me how to look at the Chinese LED market. I dare not write things that I am not familiar with to mislead everyone, so I just write about the changes and trends in the small market of LED devices, bringing you the development tr ----more

Electrician electrical industry presents new trends

The mobile internet marketing of the electrical and electronics industry will be further deepened on the basis of 2014, and will gradually become a regularized marketing channel. Just like the “no number, no marketing” in the entire marketing structure in 2014, mobile marketing ----more

Interview with Yapuer: The Road to LED Lighting Transfo…

Subversion, return to zero, this is the most genuine portrayal of traditional incandescent lamp factory transformation LED lighting. From finding the North to seeing hope, the five-year transformation process allowed DAI Jian at the helm of Shanghai Yapuer Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. (her ----more

Want to stay healthy, what can we wear?

As wearable technology shifts focus from fitness to healthcare, more people will benefit from improved product features. The next leap in technology may happen in the health care arena. In recent years, fitness trackers have become a popular accessory for runners and athletes ----more

Japan held the "three primary colors of light"…

December 12, according to Japanese media reports, the Tokyo Skytree in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan, had a special lighting event on the evening of the 11th, congratulating the development of blue light-emitting diodes with the theme of "the three primary colors of light". University lifelong ----more