How does the semiconductor lighting industry win the ma…

This proposition originated from the "4th New Light Source & New Energy Lighting Forum" recently held in Shanghai. Before the proposition is unfolded, let's briefly introduce the industry. Semiconductor lighting (LED) is an emerging high-tech industry that has been gradually deve ----more

Identification and improvement of general lighting LED …

It is used to measure product quality as a product standard. For product standards, people of insight are called technical laws. First, the composition of the product standard system LED is an emerging lighting electrical product. LED products include themselves, supporting cont ----more

Some opinions on the LED driver market

Author: Engineering LED edit the peach Foreword: Under the background of vigorous development of green energy-saving lighting in all countries of the world, LED lighting, as a revolutionary energy-saving lighting technology, is developing rapidly. At the same time, with the increasing use of LED ----more

LED lighting design (1) LED lighting foundation

LED lighting design (1) LED lighting basic LED lighting design (2) indispensable "heating solution" LED lighting design (3) LED electrical characteristics and simple drive circuit LED lighting design (4) pulse modulation PWM circuit detailed LED lighting has received wide ----more

GE introduces improved LED bulbs

General Electric Company (GE) announced that it plans to introduce a 40-watt GE Energy Smart LED self-ballasted lamp, which will be available at the end of this year or early next year. With a luminous flux of up to 450 lm, this new LED produces nearly the same light output as a 40W incandescent la ----more

HKUST and "Climate Organization" Promote &quo…

To promote low-carbon lighting, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology assisted the international NGO “The Climate Group” to officially launch the “LightSavers” LED outdoor lighting promotion program on April 28. Participation in the program includes more than 1 ----more

Taihao Technology Increases Investment and Enters the F…

As the first company to eat crabs among the listed companies in the two cities, Taihao Technology's contract energy management project has a relatively mature model. Through the holding of Beijing Century Zhuoke Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Taihao Technology has implemented a green energy renov ----more