Lighting Design for Pure Crystal Boutique Hotel in Seou…

Pure Crystal is a unique boutique hotel project completed by Seungmo Lim in 2013, located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is a sparkling, crystal-filled texture with a total space of 31m2. Multiple furniture, including beds, sofas, tables and bathrooms, are designed on an L-s ----more

Taiwan's LCD panel industry is weak and relying on …

Taiwan's LCD panel industry was promoted by Japan to counterbalance Korea's LCD panel industry. Japan began to take the lead in its own industrial chain. As a chess piece, the Taiwan LCD panel industry has been weak since its birth, and it has been difficult to go all the way. Today's ----more

New trends in 2014: Big data is a new asset class

In 2013, the world took another step towards the digital age. This is a new era of change, and the impact on the social economy will be two to three times greater than the industrial revolution. About 90% of the world's total data was created in the past two years. By 2020 ----more

Adaptive Solar Street Light Controller Design Case

Based on the purpose of improving the reliability of seasonal load photovoltaic solar street lamps, a new generation of adaptive simple solar energy for circuit lamp controller design is adopted to charge and discharge the battery through power adjustment, power detection, rem ----more

Learn about amplifiers in the analog world

Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs), Sensors, Actuators, Amplifiers – these are the analog world terms used to describe our lives. How do they connect and how do they work? For ease of understanding, this article will review the basi ----more

Fashion store window lighting tips and requirements

Lighting skills The window illumination is generally 2-4 times the average operating illuminance in the store. The illumination in the window of the store in the commercial center can be 1000-2000lx. The illuminance in the window of a store far from the commercial center can be around 500 - 1000lx. ----more

Talking about the Market Application Status and Cogniti…

The Beidou satellite system is divided into the Beidou generation and the Beidou second generation according to the purpose of satellite use. The Beidou generation is mainly used for short message communication, and is currently widely used in emergency rescue, marine fishery and other areas wher ----more