Han Shenglong: LED will be characterized as close-range or partial illumination in the commercial field

Han Shenglong: LED will be characterized as close-range or partial illumination in the commercial field

Recently, the editor of Aladdin Lighting Network sent a post in the forum blog exchange area, which named everyone how to look at the prospect of LED entering commercial lighting. Received many netizens' responses, which also received the attention of Han Shenglong, the director of Mingpai lighting marketing. Aladdin Lighting Network editor with this question also asked the name of lighting marketing director Han Shenglong, the following is some interview content.

Aladdin Lighting Network: What do you think of LEDs entering commercial lighting?

Han Shenglong: The light source of commercial lighting is replaced by LED, which is inevitable, and personally believe that the true value of LED as a new light source will also be in the field of commercial lighting. The trend in this area is very obvious now, but the future is bright, the road is tortuous, and there are still many things to do.

Aladdin Lighting Network: What else needs to be done?

Han Shenglong: At present, some people think that LED is to do urban lighting. In fact, this is a lack of understanding of LED knowledge, and those who are desperately trying to push LEDs into industrial and industrial fields such as street lamps are actually a kind of LED. Disrespect and blind respect, so what needs to be done is to change the concept. In fact, if LED is applied to the field of commercial lighting, it has certain limitations.

Aladdin Lighting Network: What are the limitations of LEDs entering commercial lighting?

Han Shenglong: How much is the feasibility of replacing ceramic metal halide lamps with LEDs? Because at present, the application of ceramic metal halide lamps in commercial lighting is very mature, both in technology and in the market. Therefore, LEDs may be characterized in the field of commercial lighting in the future: close-range or partial illumination. To discuss the situation of LED in commercial lighting, it is necessary to discuss the extension of local commercial lighting and the acceptance of local illumination by consumers. . In Europe and the United States, the concept of local lighting is obvious, and it has penetrated the living habits of ordinary people. The bosses of Chinese lighting companies still have a lot of ideas about local lighting, so LEDs will still take a detour in commercial lighting.

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