LED civilian market will have billions of markets

For the field of LED lighting, the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles” program launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance at the end of last year is really a tempting big cake. According to the plan, in 2010, it is necessary to promote more than 300,000 LED municipal lighting fixtures in 10-20 cities. Roughly, only 300,000 LED lights are a big market of 1.5 billion yuan. In the civilian market of LED, some insiders predict that there are at least tens of billions of domestic market.

However, the reporter found in the interview that due to technical and price constraints, the current LED lighting market is far from being launched on a large scale. LED street lights are still in the demonstration stage, and the civilian sector is still in its infancy.

The reporter recently learned from the Shenzhen Street Lamp Management Office that recently, Shenzhen City is preparing to replace the street lights of the Science Park, and plans to install more than 200 LED street lights. At present, more than 20 foreign and local brand enterprises have signed up for bidding.

This is the first batch of LED street lamp purchases in Shenzhen this year. This year, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone will purchase more than 2,000 baht, plus the purchase volume outside the customs, it is estimated that the city will purchase 3000-4000 盏 LED street lights. Compared with the current number of street lamps in Shenzhen, which is about 200,000-300,000, this purchase volume is obviously only a drop in the bucket.

According to Wu Chunhai, director of the Planning and Design Office of Shenzhen Street Light Management Office, since 2006, Shenzhen has started to test LED street lights in some branch lines, but some low-power chip street lights have been broken in less than a year, from 2008. The LED street lights of some high-power chips that have been adopted have relatively stable quality, and the energy-saving effect can reach 30-50%.

It is reported that at present, Shenzhen has already tried LED street lights on 10 roads, of which about one-quarter of them are for trial use by enterprises, and half of the more than 2,000 LED street lamps tried by the Guangming New District Government are sent by enterprises. .

"There are too many companies involved, and good ones are coming in. It is very difficult to do quality control." Wu Chunhai said that the results of their tests show that on LED street lights, the current domestic products are in terms of light distribution. There is still a certain gap with foreign brands. "We have selected products from 27 companies. After one year of trial operation, the proportion of problems is about 15-20%, mainly due to the product itself."

For this result, Wu Chunhai believes that "it is still quite satisfactory." As for the claim that LED lamps have a service life of up to 10 years, Wu said that because of the short trial time, it is still impossible to judge. However, he believes that although the quality of LED street lights has improved, the technology is still not mature enough. This is one of the reasons why the government has not made up its mind to promote it on a large scale. In addition, the high price is also a factor.

The reporter learned from the LED International Purchasing Trading Center located in Shenzhen Huaqiang North Electronic World that a 5W spherical LED bulb can replace 40W incandescent lamps, but its price is 50 times that of incandescent lamps. The price of LED tubes is currently fluorescent. 20 times of the lamp; and a 100W LED street lamp can replace the 200W high-pressure sodium lamp that is widely used at present. The price of the high-pressure sodium lamp is about 1000-1900 yuan / 盏, but the LED lamp is 5000-6000 yuan / 盏.

Wu Chunhai said that the LED bidding in Shenzhen will not only consider the price. "At present, in the case of limited technology, only this price can guarantee the quality."

"One factor that restricts the price of LED lights is chips. Only chips account for 30-40% of the cost. Another reason is that mass production is not enough." A sales manager of Wanrun Technology told reporters that the current chip supply can no longer meet the market demand. The domestic chip technology can't reach, and the brightness is not up to standard. The company mainly uses chips imported from the United States.

However, with the increase in LED application companies and the mass production of products, the price of LED lamps has dropped rapidly in the past two years. It is said that the price of LED lights on the market is decreasing at a rate of more than 30% per year.

Since the municipal LED streetlights and residential lighting market are far from being launched on a large scale, many companies have turned their attention to more practical commercial lighting such as landscape lighting, office lighting, and shopping mall lighting. Since commercial lighting is more concerned with environmental protection, energy saving, and light efficiency, it is more recognized by the market.

Although LED shopping mall lighting is still in the startup stage, many companies have already taken a fancy to this market and have begun to lay out in advance.

"For the LED industry, the next five years will be a very different five years. Because technical problems affect costs, technological breakthroughs can significantly reduce costs and enter civilian use." Hu Juan, Operation Manager, Shenzhen International Purchasing and Trading Center Said.

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