The Chinese government pushes another 150 million yuan of energy-saving lamps, which is expected to drive at least 14 billion yuan of business opportunities.

On March 10, Xie Zhenhua, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, attended the press conference on energy conservation, emission reduction and climate change at the Third Session of the 11th National People's Congress in Beijing. He said that in 2010, it will accelerate the promotion of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies and products, and continue to implement energy-saving products. Huimin project. At the same time, it will continue to promote 150 million energy-saving lamps with high government subsidies to replace incandescent lamps that consume large amounts of electricity. It is estimated that at least about 14 billion yuan of business opportunities can be driven.

At present, the amount of incandescent lamps in mainland China is about 1.4 billion baht. In 2008, 62 million energy-saving lamps were promoted through financial subsidies. In 2009, it was 150 million baht. In two years, the total amount was 210 million baht. Incandescent lamps are exhaustive lamps, which can save more than 480 billion kWh in one year and have great energy saving potential.

Xie Zhenhua pointed out that in 2010, at least 150 million energy-saving lamps will be promoted, and all incandescent lamps in the country will be replaced with energy-saving lamps within a few years. In the subsidy policy, the general public buys energy-saving lamps, the government subsidizes 50%, and the large-scale users subsidizes 30%. The Beijing Municipal Government subsidizes 40% of the city's residents on the basis of 50% of the central government subsidies.

The price of general civil energy-saving lamps ranges from a few 10 to 200 yuan. If the energy-saving lamps are about 10 yuan, the energy-saving lamps in mainland China will be replaced. Only the bulbs will drive about 14 billion yuan.

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