Indium acquires Reactive NanoTechnologies' NanoBond bonds for LED assembly and thermal management

USA - Indium ( http:// ) announced that it has acquired the processes, equipment, and know-how of Reactive NanoTechnologies (RNT; http:// ), developer and manufacturer of NanoFoil (3) .

Indium will move the RNT process and equipment, and a core staff, into its Utica Business Park (Utica, New York) facility. There will be minimal disruption in the RNT business operation as integration activities have already been underway.

Customers will now place their orders and inquiries directly through Indium Corporation. The core RNT team, along with Indium Corporation personnel, will continue supporting the NanoFoil(三) and NanoBond(三) business.

"We are very excited about this acquisition by Indium Corporation," stated Joe Grzyb, CEO of RNT's. "Indium's presence in the global electronics materials market will allow NanoBond (3) technology to proliferate more quickly and broadly. There is a strong synergy with the Indium Corporation solder , assembly, and thermal interface materials product lines."

According to Ross Berntson, Indium VP of Sales, Marketing, and Technical Support, "Indium Corporation is pleased to add another advanced joining technology to our portfolio. We expect this nano technology to enhance Indium 's diversity and strength as a materials supplier to the $2.8 billion sputtering target market as well as to enhance our position in the metallic thermal interface market, two application segments that are the primary focus of this business. Additionally, we are pleased bring this technology and business to the City of Utica."

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