LED lighting industry also has its shortcomings and misunderstandings

With the convening of the Copenhagen Climate Conference at the end of 2009, the world has blew the horn of energy conservation and emission reduction. As a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly alternative technology, LED lighting has quickly become the focus of government, capital and business circles. According to statistics, as of the end of 2009, China has developed into the world's most important LED lighting production base. Under the impressive results, the LED lighting industry also has its shortcomings and people's misunderstandings about it. The author analyzes the following.

First, the LED lighting industry lacks upstream core technology

Due to the energy-saving and environmental protection advantages of LED lighting, in recent years, statistics show that the annual growth rate of global output of LED lighting has remained above 20%. China has also launched green lighting projects, semiconductor lighting projects, and “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities”. Plans to promote the development of the industry, the total output value of China's semiconductor lighting in 2008 was nearly 70 billion yuan. Moreover, various capitals have actively involved in the investment in the LED industry, and the scale of investment has grown rapidly. In the first half of 2009 alone, the total investment budget for LED projects launched across the country has exceeded 20 billion yuan.

However, according to Wu Zhenle, Chairman of Shenzhen Hantian Technology Co., Ltd., “Despite the current acceleration of investment and capacity expansion of China's LED industry, there are more than 3,000 LED lighting manufacturers, 70% of which are concentrated in the downstream integrated application, lacking upstream core technology. And because the size of the company is generally small and the standards are missing, the quality of the products is uneven."

He believes that many cities in China are currently carrying out LED lighting demonstration projects and alternative projects, but LED road lighting is still limited to branch roads, residential roads, pedestrian streets, and the application range is limited, especially the current quality of LED lighting products is uneven.

Second, the high cost of LED lighting is a one-sided view

At present, there is a misunderstanding in LED lighting in the society, that is, "LED lighting is a new technology, then the cost is definitely high", making the application of LED lighting in the domestic market urgently to be broken.

Wu Zhenle, chairman of Shenzhen Hantian Technology Co., Ltd. said that in fact, the high cost of LED lighting is a one-sided view. Nowadays, the high-pressure sodium lamps commonly used in highway lighting only need a few hundred yuan, and LED energy-saving lamps cost a few thousand dollars. This inferred LED cost is high and does not hold. Wu Zhenle further explained: “Traditional lighting requires laying cables. This is a costly one. At the same time, traditional sodium lamps have a short service life. Generally, lamps need to be replaced in a year or so, and the cost of repair and maintenance is high. These costs are included, LED lighting is not much different than traditional sodium lighting.

Attachment: Ten major development trends of lamps in 2010

With the entry of foreign capital, the lighting industry has experienced the internationalization of domestic competition. Efforts have been made to increase the development of energy-saving light sources and lamps of different grades, patterns and different uses, and accelerate the development, promotion and application of green and energy-saving light source products. The focus of adjustment; at the same time, building its own advantageous brand is also an important issue for the continuous development of the lighting industry and the competition of lighting companies. China's lighting industry will face unprecedented opportunities and challenges, and the huge commercial benefits brought by it have become the focus of lighting manufacturers.

Between the intersection of retrospect and outlook, the development trend of China's lighting lighting in 2010 has been presented:

1. After vigorously cultivating the domestic consumer market in 2009, the Chinese government's policy on the real estate market began to return rationally. This will be a major measure for the development of China's lighting industry, and it will be a major measure to squeeze the bubble. Have a profound impact on the industry;

Second, with the introduction of various policies for energy conservation and emission reduction in the country, energy conservation and environmental protection will be implemented by the government's slogan to the actual performance of the market. This is an unprecedented opportunity and challenge for China's energy-saving light source industry, and will also become China's lighting. Industrial upgrading and exporting enterprises have become an important milestone in domestic sales;

3. After nearly 30 years of development, the Chinese lighting industry has begun to compete from product competition to channel competition, from the competition of industry brands to the competition of capital and service;

Fourth, the product pattern of China's lighting industry will present a regionally differentiated competition, and regional brand building will enter the agenda of relevant local governments;

5. With the introduction of national energy conservation policies, LEDs will only be earned from the past and will not make money into the era of large-scale market outbreaks;

Sixth, upstream manufacturing enterprises will fight from each other and enter an era of complementary advantages, differentiation, and capitalization integration;

7. The downstream market will have an era of capitalization, chaining, branding, informationization, and standardization of corporate management.

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