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          Professional NU501 constant current driver chip
Chip features:
1,     The simplest linear constant current component
2,     15Ma--60mA single /dual channel; 3 (single channel)/5 (dual channel) package pin, constant current driver
3,     Fixed current design, no external resistor required to set current
4,     Power supply voltage range 1, 5V - 12V, wide power supply design, no additional power supply
5,     The output voltage difference is only required to be 0, 4V
6,     VDD pin can be used for PWM dimming
7,     Potential climb time / potential fall time 2uS/2uS
8,     Chip junction working temperature -40~120 degrees Celsius
9,     Chips can be used in series for high voltage applications *Limited single channel type
10, channel and channel output current difference is less than ± 5%
11, power and load modulation rate of 1%
12, lead-free environmental protection package
Type A-lighting application (with bleeder current, can be used in series)
1, general LED lighting
2, LCD backlight
3, LED flashlight
4, RGB decorative lights
Type B- display application (no bleeder current)
RGB display unit driver
product manual
The NU501 series is a simple constant current component that is easy to use in a variety of LED lighting products. It has excellent load and power regulation and minimal output current error. The NU501 series enables LED current to be very stable, even over large areas. the light source allows both large and load fluctuation power LED brightness uniform, and increase the service life of LED.
In addition to supporting a wide power supply range, the NU501's V DD pin can be used as an output enable (OE) function for digital PWM control lines for more accurate grayscale current regulation applications.
When the V DD and V p pins are shorted together, the NU501's very small operating voltage is used as a diode current regulative diode (CRD). This feature makes the NU501 very easy to use. Just like a diode, when When this diode is applied to a string of LEDs, the current is made constant.
In high voltage power supplies and low LED load voltage applications, multiple NU501s can be used in series to distribute excess voltage. This unique over-voltage sharing technique is ideal for applications with a wider supply voltage range, and this feature is other The manufacturer's chip does not have
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BLPS laser safety protective device is designed for personal safety used on hydraulic bender.
The dynamic test technology it used has passed the Type 4 functional safety assessment by TUV, and get the national invention patent. The product reaches the advanced technological level of similar products.
BLPS laser safety device provides protection zone near the die tip of the bender to protect fingers and arms of the operator in close to the upper mold die tip. It is the most effective solution so far to preserves the safety and productivity of the bender.

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