Taiwan's first IC package epitaxial film-level automatic exposure machine

Keyi Technology Co., Ltd. and Metal Center successfully developed Taiwan's first "IC package epitaxial film-level automatic exposure machine". Its production capacity, automatic alignment accuracy, system integration stability, etc. are all comparable to imported models, but Its price is only half of the imported models.

The machine can be applied to industries such as IC semiconductors, LCDs, LEDs, and solar energy in the most demanding touch panels, with an annual demand of more than 200 units.

According to the senior executives of Keyi Technology, the performance of the aircraft is not imported, the price is more competitive, so far has received 7 orders, coupled with solar energy, touch panel industry is booming, China's mainland demand is strong, estimated in 2011 The company's sales will be explosive, with more than 15 units in the year.

Conductive Silver Glue

Silver Epoxy conductive  Adhesive A/B  it has a stable performance, excellent bond strength and easy to use, it could be cured both in room temperature and heat condition. It is widely used in the electrical conductive bonding between metals, ceramics, glass and so on.

It is an electrically conductive, silver-filled two-part epoxy adhesive. It is smooth, non-sagging, thixotropic, and bonds well to a wide variety of substrates.

This product allows for quick, cold-soldering repairs. It can also be used as a solder replacement for bonding heat-sensitive electronic components, or for making conductive connections where soldering is not an option, such as when bonding to glass, soft metals, or plastics.

 Silver Epoxy conductive Adhesive

Conductive Silver Glue

Color : silver 

Volume resistivity : 0.001-0.003ohm

Cure time:25 celsius degree 24hour or 80 celsius degree 2 hour

operation time;1.5-2 hours

silver conductive epoxy LED dotting glue used to fix a circuit board


Epoxy-Silver System, Single component




Micro Thixotropic, paste

Ag Content


Solid Content



30±10Pa.s( 10 rpm, 25°C±0.5°C)





Use method

Dispensing or Postage stamp gum


120°C/60min, 150°C/30min, 170°C/10min

Volume Resistivity

≤2.0×10-4Ω·cm(150°C/30min, Coating method)

Shearing Resistance

≥1MPa(Stainless Steel-Stainless Steel)

Shelf Life

6 months

Conductive Silver Glue

Conductive Silver Glue,Silver Glue A/B,Silver Epoxy Conductive Adhesive Glue,Silver Conductive Adhesive Dotting Glue

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