5 Watt Stereo Class D Amplifier for Effective EMI Reduction (Silicon Labs)

Silicon Laboratories is the industry's first 5-watt stereo Class D amplifier to effectively reduce EMI. The amplifier effectively reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) and brings high fidelity audio to consumer audio electronics. As the first member of the Silicon Labs Class D amplifier family, the new Si270x amplifiers are ideal for price- and noise-sensitive consumer audio products, including smartphone expansion devices, desktop radios, TV sound bars and monitors, stereos and Battery powered radio.

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Effectively reduce EMI
Among consumer audio products, the Si270x amplifier uses multi-stage EMI reduction technology to reject interference from traditional Class D amplifiers at the source, making it easier to comply with EMI specifications and more suitable for AM/FM radios and smartphones. Compared to existing Class D amplifier solutions, the Si270x amplifier reduces radiated interference by a factor of 10 in the EMI specification band, by a factor of 100 in the FM radio band and by a factor of 1000 in the AM band.

Smartphone-Friendly Digital Architecture Traditional Class D amplifiers generate large amounts of EMI emissions in the 900MHz transceiver band, which degrades the signal quality of smartphones and their extended equipment over-the-air (OTA) transceivers. In addition, most expansion platforms use an analog architecture that is very susceptible to the noise generated by TDMA emissions. The Si270x amplifier is a smartphone-friendly all-digital architecture that is immune to radiated noise. Silicon Labs' EMI reduction technology enhances OTA performance and compatibility.

Power Savings and Energy-Efficient Design To avoid EMI from traditional Class D amplifiers, audio engineers tend to use low-cost, low-efficiency Class A/B amplifiers, which require larger, more expensive power supplies and heat sinks (some require 9V) Or 12V battery configuration). The Si270x amplifier allows developers to use smaller and lower cost power supplies in portable audio systems such as audio, with fewer batteries without sacrificing performance.

Compared to systems using Class A/B amplifiers, the Si270x Class D amplifier can extend playback time by a factor of 2.5 and requires only half the number of cells (4 sections instead of the typical 8 sections). For example, with a 4-cell AA alkaline battery, the consumer audio system based on the Si270x amplifier can provide up to 8.4 hours of playback time.

Complete consumer audio platform solution
The Si270x Class D amplifier seamlessly interfaces with Silicon Labs' popular Si473x AM/FM broadcast tuner to provide a complete consumer audio platform solution. The latest Si473x devices integrate stereo analog inputs and internal analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and are multiplexed with the front of the radio tuner to support auxiliary analog audio inputs without the need for an additional external ADC. The Si270x is paired with the Si473x to provide a cost-effective platform solution for a wide range of consumer audio products such as desktop radios, expansion devices, stereos and mini stereo systems.

Pricing and availability
Samples and pre-production samples of the Si270x Class D audio amplifier in the 24-pin QFN package are available now. At the price of 10,000 purchases, the unit price starts at $1.17. To help accelerate application development, Silicon Labs offers audio engineers a full-featured Si270x-A-EVB evaluation board for $325.

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