LED switching power supply selection and use precautions

1. The metal casing power cable and the casing are generally connected to the ground (FG). It must be grounded reliably to ensure safety. The casing must not be connected to the neutral line.

2. Before the installation is completed, please check and check the wiring on each terminal again. Make sure that the input and output, AC and DC, single-phase and multi-phase, positive and negative, voltage and current values ​​are correct. , can be powered on.

3. For high-power LED switching power supplies, there are generally three or more "+" input terminals and "-" output terminals. In fact, they belong to the same output electrode, just to make the user wiring convenient, and multiple terminals They are connected together internally.

Fourth, in order to achieve the effect of sufficient heat dissipation, it is generally installed in a position with good air convection conditions or installed on the casing of the casing to transmit heat through the casing.

5. The LED switching power supply is added with a resistive load before leaving the factory. If it is used for capacitive or inductive load, it should be explained in advance when ordering.

6. For dual output symmetrical load, symmetrical output power is preferred.

7. For the user who is not grounded by the power supply FG, it is normal for the hand to touch the outer casing or the output has the electric power. When floating, the FG has an AC output of about 110V to the earth, which is determined by the internal structure of the power supply.

Eight, AC input power supply definition input power = output power / (input voltage * power factor * efficiency)

Nine, sinking current: When multiple power supplies are used, they will ingest the same grounding point. The total leakage current is composed of the leakage current of each unit. At that time, check the reliability of the protective earthing wire and whether the grounding resistance is reached. Ask to avoid electric shock.

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