Japan's LED lighting market surged 95% in 2010

According to reports, the Japanese agency Yano Economic Research Institute released a survey report on the 10th, indicating that the Japanese government's economic response to the increase in public utilities has also stimulated the current (2010) Japan's overall lighting market scale is expected to increase by 2.7% to 7,420. Billion yen will reverse the 5.4% decline in 2009. Among them, due to Japan's revised energy regulations, driving the demand for LED lighting products to expand, it is estimated that the size of the Japanese LED lighting market will increase by 95.2% to 73 billion yen in 2009.

Yano pointed out that LED lighting products, which have been dominated by bulb-type LED lamps, have mainly played the role of replacing the original white heat bulbs. However, after 2010, LED lighting products that can replace fluorescent lamps have appeared in succession (currently fluorescent lamps account for the overall illumination of Japan) The market share is about 70%), and the lighting manufacturers have successively entered the market of straight-tube LED lamps, which were originally only used by overseas manufacturers and some enterprises. Therefore, it is estimated that the Japanese LED lighting market will further expand in the future.

At present, the main suppliers of Japanese LED bulbs are Sharp, Toshiba and Panasonic.

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