Car Safety--ASP Anti-Smashing Navigator Technology

Car safety is an issue that manufacturers and consumers are paying more and more attention to. In addition to the familiar electronic systems such as ABS, EBD, ESP, etc., a new anti-smashing pilot technology called AnTI Sleep Pilot (ASP) has gradually entered us. Sight.

This "Anti-Sleep Navigator" (ASP) was launched by a Danish company to help drivers stay awake during driving and is expected to be launched in 2011 at a price of around US$250 (approximately RMB 1647) . Although this small invention is not big, it should be able to save our lives at a critical time. Let's take a look at how he works.

"The small round box on the right is ASP"

ASP technology can identify and judge through an interaction, and make feedback to make the person who is dizzy and sleepy clear. The ASP consists of several parts. The accelerometer and the clock can calculate the time required to reach the destination and the time that has already traveled, and serve as a criterion for the driver's driving fatigue. The ASP also has a light, sound and tactile sensor that allows the driver to feel the outside world in several ways. The entire system is battery powered and the user can place it on the instrument panel without changing the body electronics.

How does the ASP system work? First, enter driver information in advance, including age, gender, weekly working hours, etc., and ask the driver to complete some tests to get a prediction of their driving risk. Based on the above information, the ASP system uses its own algorithm to calculate, as another criterion for driving fatigue.

ASP reminds by changing light

"ASP reminds you through light changes"

When driving everyday, the driver needs to enter information such as the estimated time of driving back each time. During driving, the ASP system also requires the driver to perform some random interaction with it to ensure that the driver is still in good condition. If the driver reports that the driver is too slow, after the evaluation, the ASP system believes that the driver does not meet the requirements of safe driving and needs rest, then it will express it through sound, light, and the like.

However, this system also has some doubts. For example, every interaction it sends requires the driver to do the action, which can be irritating to the driver. There is also a driver who is already very tired to operate the system, obviously not a very good idea. Although there are still some imperfections in this system, we have also seen the importance and innovation of foreign manufacturers for safety. Many of the current traffic accidents are caused by fatigue driving. I believe that more anti-snoring techniques will be developed in the near future. For more news, let us pay attention to it.

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