The refrigerator plays a role in winter, eat more frozen tofu to lose weight

I believe everyone knows that tofu is a good diet food. But do you know that the original tofu is better to lose weight? According to research, frozen tofu has the effect of promoting the absorption of fat in the gastrointestinal tract and whole body tissues, and can more effectively achieve the goal of slimming and slimming. Let us know about the weight loss effect of frozen tofu.

Waterfall Lights

1. Features: light LED copper wire falls, there is a kind of like the flowing water of a waterfall effect, waterfall lights as if from top to bottom like huan long splash water, made a bunch of the source of the waterfall model, there is like a perennial small water always pour down, step by step and spacious, with each branch lines of light distance is fixed, so the light effect is very have administrative levels feeling of the waterfall.Lop led twinkle light can according to need to expand (can be neatly like a soft cloth, can also extend to beauty like splash splash, each layer of the emitting light colors are very have administrative levels feeling), waterproof products, energy-saving features.

2. Specifications: Power Supply: Battery box, Electronic, Transformer.
1 m / 2 m / 3 m / 4 m / 5 m are available
LED Color: White warm, White, Amber, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Multicolor, RGB.
3. Usage: usage: can use, indoor & outdoor LED copper wire light string not only applied to Christmas lights (e.g., wrapped around the Christmas tree) all kinds of festival holiday decoration, also used for household decoration (can be hung in the window, glass roof, on the corner...To achieve, the icing on the cake) and the city lighting project and various recreational venues, the park (the water effect of the waterfall), all the shopping malls can wait.

Waterfall Lights

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