How much is the most energy-saving storage in the refrigerator?

The refrigerator is one of the commonly used appliances in the home, and its power saving effect directly affects the power consumption of the home. So how do you use the refrigerator to save power? The first is the placement of the refrigerator, to make a gap on both sides, at 20 cm is appropriate, so that the air can flow, in order to facilitate the cooling of the refrigerator; followed by the placement of food inside the refrigerator,

Sourced by high output LG LED, good color conformity and no spot, and we they are designed with special lens 5*30°/10*40°/15*45°beaming angle with even light. DC12 to DC24 is available. The overmoulded apprence make them anti-dusting, anti-moisture, waterproof, anti-shock. LED Module light efficiency is as high as 130lm per led. We could provide 1led per module and 3leds per module, and they could also be mixed for one light box project.

LG module 1ledLG 3LEDS

Packing: 20pcs in a blister packing,100pcs per carton.

LG module packing

LG LED Module

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