Changyun Releases LED-PWM Driver CYT3006

Changyun Optoelectronics Technology recently released a LED driver CYT3006, which is a dedicated driver IC designed by Changyuntong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. for the visual editing LED market. It is one of the series of chipset technology solutions introduced to the market. Widely used in the field of LED point light source display.

The device is based on a single bus transfer technology. The driver IC performs data transmission and reading on a separate data line. The bus drive capability is up to 6 meters and up to 2048 pixel sources. In different applications, the transmission rate can be transmitted at a high speed of 0.1-2.0 Mbps, ensuring high data refresh rate and improving image display quality.

CYT3006 is used in neon replacement, outdoor decoration, and high-power drive circuit PWM bridge design. The role in circuit design is data transfer, data cascading, and data exchange between the source and the source. In the high-power LED design, it acts as a PWM gray-scale generator, which is bridged with a high-power constant-current drive, and combines a more powerful LED drive circuit.

CYT3006 built-in 1024 × 3 color grade, color level internal refresh, local maintenance, greatly reducing the data transmission rate; PWM duty cycle output, direct drive LED or bridge high-power driver chip, extended drive capability, according to different application output options Different models have positive and negative level specifications; built-in LDO regulator ensures stable chip operation, reduces peripheral design components, and reduces overall design cost.

The CYT3006 can be used in conjunction with the CYT9000 series of control systems and is designed for use in different LED product lines and locations. Support graphical user interface, intelligent solution without software programming. The terminal customer can set the display content and characteristic parameters through the friendly software interface. No programming skills are required.

CYT3006 is one of them, officially launched in January 2011, and the volume is about 1.00 yuan.

The 1140V mining intrinsically safe and Explosion Proof Drive produced by FGI adopts the IGBT clamped three-level topology. The output voltage waveform is an approximate sine wave formed by superposition, and the higher harmonic components are significantly lower than the two-level inverter`s. The interference to the power grid and control system has improved significantly. This explosion proof variable frequency drive is used in coal mine scraper conveyors, high-power tape conveyor and winch control, etc.

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