Low-key luxury new fashion style representative

Since the world financial crisis, economic pressure has continued to increase, coupled with the prevalence of natural environmental protection in the world, against extravagance, against the trend of extravagance blowing through the world, into the hearts of people, many people are no longer proud of showing off wealth and luxury. Therefore, in the design world, in order to cater to the trend, adapt to the current situation, and quietly change - design to the expression of connotation and implicit development, showing the noble quality, showing the atmosphere of tolerance, but avoiding the exaggerated beauty, This poses a greater challenge to fashion design, decorative design, and lighting design – “low-key luxury” is the representative of the new fashion style.

There are two expressions of luxury, such as piles of gold and silver, diamonds and teeth, beyond your imagination, let the most inconspicuous places cost you, not necessarily all of them, it is a high-profile. The other kind of luxury is a kind of temperament. In addition to the fine stitching of the clothes, the color matching is the first and the second, the accessories are exquisite and refreshing. These are not enough. They must also have the humiliation brought by the long-term events. The refined elegance brought about by the modest and modest, with all this, can reveal aristocratic manners and manners, even if it is only a British butler, it will be physically and extraordinary. It is difficult to be in a bow tie style, the color of a scarf, the belt of a watch, or even a subconscious eye may reveal that you are just a counterfeit, because the honor lies in the expression of detail and deep connotation.

Sometimes I often lament that in the dazzling array of shopping malls, let you look at the clothing at a glance, such as: have a proper arc, a delicate lapel, and then look at the price tag, much better than other clothing. Look at the surrounding styles, I can't find the feeling anymore, but the price is very cheap. Later, I finally understood that the designer who can draw such a beautiful curve must be worth more than the ordinary tailor. It is only a little bit, maybe it will be learned for many years, maybe it will never be done, it is a genius, and people Because of the taste and appreciation in this point of experience and taste.

Luxury is to invest in a lot of details to exceed the functional needs of the capital to infinite pursuit of perfection, is necessary for high-cost commercial places to burn money, but not the most expensive materials, the price can be a famous store. Then, a stylish and noble shopping space should be designed for yourself.

I personally think that there are mainly the following factors:

The rationality of spatial planning, the comfort of visual perception, the coordination of decorative symbols, the rationality of material application, and the experience of thoughtful service. The key, all this must be transformed into a reflector of the customer's noble feelings. The most important thing is that all the design details and service details are all integrated, enhanced and enhanced by the precise, refined and fine light environment.

Humans have instinctive aesthetic discovering ability for composition, proportion and color. The artistic associations of the elements they see are different due to different cultural backgrounds, different tastes and different moods.

We often see heterozygous things, especially in the environmental design, in accordance with the strong requirements of Party A, all the elements they think are meaningful, piled up in the environment like the Bogujiajia. The trade-offs and the relationship between the main and the deputy are the key.

Here we see a modern and classical façade that expresses the image orientation of the business – a complex of seniors and trends. Different styles of things are not in conflict, Gain is a master and a supplement; one real and one virtual; one complex, one simple; one is the center, one is the foil, and under the unity of the unified color, it becomes a complementary relationship that complements each other. We provide a good reference for dealing with the combination of various opposing elements.

The indoor environment experience and appreciation is also a layered and advanced aesthetic process. From the beginning of the spatial layout, to the functional division, to the decorative style, the spatial color, the material texture, and further into more content and details, the whole process is to experience and evaluate the combination of function and form, the process of aftertaste A deeper understanding of the environment as a whole.

The entrance hall of the shopping mall is a place for the conversion of the social environment and the interior space of the shopping mall. Here, the consumer needs to obtain a visual conversion to adapt to the new environment that is about to enter. The adjustment effect is the illumination of light and the control of light color. On the aspect, this space should also play a role in the transformation of the atmosphere, inducing external environmental factors through environmental symbols, and adjusting to a state of mind that conforms to the internal space culture and function. Lighting also emphasizes the emphasis on symbols and attracts attention. An important role, and this requires a more emphasis on the design of the lighting.

The picture shows a small statue in the foyer that evokes consumers' awareness and understanding of the environment.

The first point of indoor lighting is to use light to define the properties of the functional space. Illumination, light color, and light projection are all defined methods. In addition to the implementation of technical indicators such as lighting design specifications, human sensibility creation is the focus of lighting designers. In a spacious space to create a soothing rhythm, no shoulders, only the grand space, warm stone, soft wood color and the most perfect merchandise performance to customers, these need lighting design and subtle processing methods, and will be the price tag The number on it becomes an integral part of the consumer price.

The spacious space and soothing rhythm will be converted into the number on the price tag, because the shopping environment is also part of the consumption.