Lynk Labs receives two patents for AC-LED technology

Lynk Labs, a supplier of AC-LED devices, optical engines and power technology, recently won two patents under the name "AC Light Emitting Diodes and AC-LED Drive Methods and Devices".

The AC-LED patented technology covers AC-LEDs and AC-OLEDs for chips, packaging, drive methods and lighting systems. The equipment includes high voltage, low voltage, high frequency and low frequency AC power supplies using a variety of drive methods. The driving method depends on the AC-LED chip or package application, including high voltage or low voltage of 50/60Hz, and high frequency (1000Hz or higher) power supply, including electronic transformers that have been used for decades of illumination. Power supply (usually the working environment is in the range of 20-50 kHz).

The patent also includes a capacitive current control drive that uses an LED's inherent capacitance or LED package to drive AC LED resonance. Lynk said that by adjusting the BriteDriver AC-LED power supply to match the RLC component or optical engine of a particular LED, the LED lighting system performance will be maximized.

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