Baoding City's LED road lighting penetration rate will reach 100% in 2015

Recently, Baoding City has introduced a new policy to support independent innovation LED products in the government procurement catalogue, and preferentially purchase local energy-efficient LED lighting products with more than 70% energy-saving effects and demonstration projects to accelerate the popularization and application of LED lighting products.

Baoding City has accelerated the popularization of LED lighting products by means of financial subsidies. At the same time, it is required to use LED products in the government procurement catalogue in the future if the government needs lighting products for new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects.

It is also known that the city will promote the upgrading of lighting products in roads, large public buildings, etc., taking the urban transformation and new rural construction as an opportunity to promote the indoor lighting source of LED lighting into the household. According to the plan, by 2015, the LED penetration rate in Baoding roads, streets, public buildings and other fields will reach 100%, and the residential indoor LED exposure rate will reach 90%.

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