Analyze the principle and production of computer remote control receiver circuit

Computer remote control receiver circuit and production

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In fact, it is very easy to make a computer remote control receiver.

First of all, the computer remote control we made must use the infrared method (not the remote control of the radio frequency). The remote control of the general TV and DVD player can be used. If there is no idle remote control at hand, you can buy it in the small commodity market. The TV remote control can be sold at a price of more than ten yuan.

Be careful not to use the air conditioner's remote control, although it is also infrared, but every time you press a button, it will send all the current state of the air conditioner (mode, temperature, wind speed, wind direction), resulting in a long code string sent each time. Will cause software identification errors.

After comparison, we chose Girder (v3.3.7), a remote control software that is fully functional and supports plug-ins to support new remote receivers and new operations. It can be said that it is "only unexpected, no." To ". In addition to daily operations, if you use the remote control during the slide show, you can liberate the speaker from the side of the computer, so that you can interact with the audience more flexibly and intimately to achieve better display results.

The circuit solution for our remote receiver is taken from Girder's third-party plug-in: "SFH-56 plugin for Girder".

Computer remote receiver circuit

Figure 1 computer remote receiver circuit

The circuit diagram (Figure 1) is as simple as six components, and the LED (power indicator) and 100Ω protection resistor can be removed directly to further simplify the circuit. The main components are HS0038A infrared remote control receiver, 5V voltage regulator tube (1/4W), LED, 9-pin serial port plug, resistor (3.3KΩ and 100Ω each), electrolytic capacitor (0.1μF, 10V or more), universal printed circuit The board, the wire (at least 3 cores) and the battery case (acting as the outer casing) are not more than 10 yuan in total.

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