Up-and-coming Qualcomm's ups and downs - mobile phone processor series (2)

Before the official introduction of Qualcomm processors, the author believes that it is first to get a general understanding of the relationship between Qualcomm and ARM. In the previous article, we also introduced ARM and the corresponding ARM architecture. In fact, the underlying mobile phone processor products of all terminal mobile phone chip manufacturers including Qualcomm are based on the ARM instruction set, just like the PC processor. The same is true for the x86 architecture. ARM licenses the core instruction set and the corresponding architecture. For example, the widely used Cortex-Ax series core architecture is developed by ARM, and other chip manufacturers use it directly, or make secondary customization modifications based on the existing architecture. Companies like Qualcomm choose to develop in-depth based on the ARM instruction set to form their own unique core architecture.

ARM, which plays a central role in the field of mobile phone processors

With regard to the relationship between the two, a metaphor about the car may be better understood. The core architecture authorized by ARM is like the engine of a car. The mobile terminal chip manufacturers are like auto manufacturers. They can use their own technological advantages to create cars with different performances and different power consumption according to the corresponding market demand. The R&D and production of the engine has largely determined how fast the car can run. It can be said that the instruction set and kernel architecture provided by ARM have played a decisive role in the manufacture of mobile phones.

Qualcomm has achieved world-renowned achievements in the mobile processor industry

Previously, many people knew that Qualcomm may be related to its dominant CDMA network technology standards, as well as its unique CDMA and some WCDMA patents. As the world's largest wireless chip company, Qualcomm's achievements in the wireless communications industry are impressive because of its innovative spirit and years of accumulated technological advantages, and it has achieved the same in just a few years after entering the mobile processor industry. The shocking performance in the mobile processor industry is as important as the Intel platform on the PC platform.

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