Sharp Japan Business Unit Transfers China's Betting to Reverse its Loss

On July 4th news, after Sharp sold 9.88% shares to Hon Hai, Sharp made a second strategic adjustment, shifting Sharp's business unit in Japan to China. Sharp said that this year's sales target in China is 60 billion yuan, which will increase by 155% year-on-year. The Chinese market will account for 46.3% of Sharp's overseas sales.

Japan Division Transfers China to Real Estate Sales

In the business promotion department currently established in China, Sharp has been placed in the four major business divisions of healthy environment, information communication, audio and video, and electronic components.

In order to better promote the development of Chinese commerce, Fujisaki Takaaki, head of Sharp's audio and video system business unit, said. "Transferring the functions of Japan's business unit to China, together with Sharp Electronics Development Co., Ltd., which was responsible for the development, and Nanjing Sharp Electronics Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the production, will bring together all the Japanese company's functions in Nanjing to achieve highly efficient real estate and sales. At the same time, Sharp China added new marketing departments to its original product planning department, which is in line with the Japanese headquarters specifications.

In April this year, the audio and video system business division was established, the main push-screen large-screen LCD TVs; in May, the electronic components business headquarters was established, the main push medium and small LCD panels.

Big screen strategy

Sharp has developed a big-screen policy, 60-80 inches is the focus of its sales, and sales channels from home to commercial expansion. According to Zhang Mu, the president of Sharp Business (China) Co., Ltd., in 2012, the share of 60-inch, 70-inch, and 80-inch will account for 20% of Sharp's TV sales. Sharp has expanded its 60-80-inch large-screen television to nine models from the year-to-year.

"China's living room is relatively spacious, the general audio-visual distance is 2.5 meters - 3.5 meters, 60 inches -80 inches in the size of the large-screen TV is the best choice for size." Tokio think.

According to the latest data from Ovid Consulting, Sharp occupies 70% of the 60-inch LCD TVs, but the large-size LCD TVs account for a relatively small proportion of the flat-panel TV market. From January to May 2012, the proportion of LCD TVs with 60-inch or higher sales was only 0.8%. %, sales only 4%.

The mature market for large-size LCD TVs is mainly in the areas of commercial displays such as transportation, energy, and broadcasting, and Sharp said that it will increase the proportion of commercial markets. Currently Sharp LCD TVs have ranked in the top four in the field of commercial displays.

According to analysis by industry insiders, Sharp has rebuilt more than 60-inch large-size panels to consume 10th-generation line capacity and compete with competitors. In Samsung and LG, Sony Matsushita alliance OLED panel attack, LGD Guangzhou and Samsung Suzhou 8.5 generation line will be changed to OLED line, and Sharp clearly stated that there is no official production of OLED, in the OLED boom, Sharp another way to IGZO panel technology Looks weaker.

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