Arrow, Altera and NewKen offer a full HD WDR 3G-SDI all-inclusive solution

21ic News Arrow Electronics, Altera Corporation and NewKen Technology Inc. announced that they have provided the industry's first full HD WDR 3G-SDI all-inclusive solution for users in China and Taiwan through Arrow Electronics. This all-inclusive solution was jointly developed by Arrow Electronics and NewKen and supported by Arrow Electronics, including Altera Cyclone® IV FPGAs and CPLD security chips, supporting Apical's HD WDR Full Image Signal Processing (ISP) pipeline IP and AltaSens' 1080p60 A3372E3-4T image sensor, this sensor provides very high quality images. This is conducive to the design of inexperienced engineers to complete the video surveillance camera design project quickly and efficiently.

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The biggest problem encountered in designing surveillance cameras is system integration. With this all-inclusive solution, the R&D team avoided system integration issues such as heat sink and system noise. Moreover, Arrow and NewKen offer a flexible business model that includes ODM, complete modules and one-time open source code to meet the needs of different users.

The current reference design on the market is based on standard CMOS image sensors, limited by the inability to support low brightness to direct sunlight wide brightness level variation, resulting in a black target or all white. The full HD WDR 3G-SDI all-inclusive solution solves this problem based on the WDR CMOS image sensor. Due to the large amount of data generated by these image sensors (20 bits x 1.2 Mpixels per color, 60 frames per second) in the Image Sensor Pipeline (ISP), the amount of data is too large to achieve on-chip processing. Altera Cyclone IV FPGAs can handle large computational algorithms that convert raw image data into the standard digital output needed to produce crisp video images.

Erhaan Shaikh, vice president and general manager of Altera Asia Pacific, said: "We are very pleased to provide users with a high-performance and easy-to-use all-inclusive surveillance camera solution. With this solution, the system company has accelerated its approach to the market while passing Delivering valuable features to end users and highlighting product advantages. Altera Cyclone IV Series FPGAs offer low cost, low power and high performance in surveillance camera applications, and are extremely flexible. In addition, Altera, Arrow Electronics and NewKen Technologies is committed to providing exceptional support and service to help them succeed."

Lin Jianzhong, Vice President, Semiconductor Markets, Asia Pacific, said: "We are pleased to partner with Altera to develop this all-HD WDR 3G-SDI turnkey solution. Altera offers the industry's best field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology This all-inclusive solution combines Altera Cyclone® IV E FPGAs and CPLDs
The security chip supports Apical's HD WDR Full Image Signal Processing (ISP) Pipeline IP and AltaSens' 1080p60 A3372E3-4T image sensor. Combined with Altera's industry's first HD WDR video surveillance chipset, Arrow Electronics offers complete turnkey solutions, technical support, professional supply chain management, and a full-package solution module that supports models to help manufacturers accelerate The market introduces a smarter, more cost-effective next-generation video surveillance camera system. ”

Paul Chen, General Manager of NewKen Technologies, Inc. commented: "As far as we know, there are currently no ASIC chips on the market that fully meet the WDR Full HD ISP camera specification. To complete the WDR 3G-SDI camera project, not only is it very professional. System engineering experience, but also to obtain the support and resources of the chip supplier. NewKen uses the design flexibility of FPGA to realize the function of WDR, and combines the basic results of its own 3G-SDI to design a full-featured WDR with reasonable price for the industry. 3G-SDI camera solution. With Altera's comprehensive design resources and technical support from Arrow Electronics, we decided to use Altera's FPGAs in the solution. In addition, the three companies jointly provided a comprehensive development platform to reduce development costs and risks. To make this product available to the market quickly and to get a wider range of applications."

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Now, Arrow Electronics provides full HD WDR 3G-SDI all-inclusive solutions to users in China and Taiwan.

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