Analysis of problems caused by lighting presets in hydropower stations

Reasonable selection and arrangement of light source and lamp selection can protect the staff's vision and beautify the working environment, giving people a comfortable, relaxed and pleasing feeling, and can minimize glare, reduce the influence of unfavorable factors, and improve light. Utilization rate reduces the incidence of accidents. However, our investigation found that there are still some problems in the lighting design of hydropower stations. Due to the low quality of the lamps, nearly one-third of the lamps have been damaged in less than two years, most of which are high-pressure mercury lamps. At that time, D Power Plant was replacing a number of damaged mercury lamps with ZYZaJ400 metal halide lamps produced by Shanghai Yaming Bulb Factory. S Power Plant is also preparing to replace a batch of metal halide lamps. In the 110kV switch station of the D power plant, not only is the quality of the floodlights low, but it is often damaged by water leakage, causing the switch station to have almost no lights at night.

With the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of beautiful and elegant lamps have emerged in an endless stream, and new high-quality energy-saving and high-efficiency light sources have emerged, providing a greater choice for lighting design and selection. At the same time, due to the increase in lighting production plants, some of the manufacturers with backward technical equipment, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the lamps produced. Designers must ensure good quality when selecting and ordering lamps, and should choose high-quality products with mature technology and perfect equipment. In addition, energy-saving light sources should be preferred. At present, the production quality and life of metal halide lamps have been greatly improved (the average life expectancy of ZJD series metal silicide lamps produced by Shanghai Yaming Bulb Factory with the introduction of American equipment and technology can reach more than 10,000 hours), and the power is above 185kW. The light source should try to use the third-generation new light source metal halide lamp with high quality, high efficiency and energy saving.

In the investigation of the selection of the cross section of the lighting wire, it is found that the bulb damage is not related to the quality of the lighting wire itself, but also related to the small selection of the cross section of the lighting wire. The main plant of the two power plants of the G power station and the 110kV switch station lamps are extensively damaged, and the small wire cross section is also one of the main reasons. There are two reasons for the choice of the cross section of the lighting wire. One is that when calculating the cross section of the wire, sometimes only the mechanical strength and the current carrying capacity are verified, and the voltage drop at the end of the line is not verified, and most of the light sources have a relatively high voltage requirement. Especially for gas discharge lamps, if the operating voltage deviation exceeds 5% of the rated voltage, the service life will be greatly shortened; the second is the calculation error, the power factor of the gas discharge lamp is lower, and the reactive component of the load current is greater than the active component. . At this time, when calculating the voltage loss of the wire, if the usual formula (1) or (2) is used, a large error will occur.

Other problems that should be noted are that the lighting fixtures are also generally inconvenient to replace, and the operators have a great deal of this. Because there are still some shortcomings in the quality of domestic light sources and lamps, the damage rate of lamps is higher in practical applications, especially in lighting projects where there are many large and large houses in the water conservancy project. Factors to reduce the maintenance workload of the operating personnel. In the central control room and the main plant, you may wish to set up a maintenance interlayer to change the light to check the line. The central control room can also be used to replace the light source in the grid and the light barrier. In the main building with long and high height, it is better to use centralized control for lighting fixtures. For example, it is more ideal to use two-point centralized control, that is, to set up a centralized control distribution box in the maintenance interlayer.

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