The essence of the typical papers of the single-chip computer

The essence of the typical papers of the single-chip computer

According to the electronic enthusiast network: MCU is a very practical discipline. If you only look at the tutorial, it is difficult to truly understand the MCU technology, let alone the development of related products of the MCU. Based on this integration, the electronic enthusiast network will be the reader of the electronic enthusiast network. It is also hoped that the reader can combine the MCU development board, write the source program, continuously debug the experiment, accumulate more development experience and ideas, and truly step into the MCU development door according to the requirements of the related single-chip computer typical paper competition.

Single-chip computer paper, a simple numerical control DC power supply

The first (1994) National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition

First, the design task

Design a digitally controlled power supply with a certain output voltage range and function. The schematic diagram of the principle is as follows:

Second, the design requirements

1. basic requirements

(1) Output voltage: range 0 ~ +9.9V, step 0.1V, ripple is not more than 10mV;

(2) Output current: 500mA;

(3) The output voltage value is displayed by the digital tube;

(4) The output voltage is stepped up and down by the "+" and "-" keys respectively;

(5) In order to realize the above several components, a self-regulating DC power supply is fabricated, and the output is ±15V, +5V.

2. Play part

(1) The output voltage can be preset to any value between 0 and 9.9V;

(2) Replace the manual button with automatic scanning to achieve output voltage change (stepping 0.1V unchanged);

(3) Expand the type of output voltage (such as triangular waves, etc.).

III. Scoring Opinions Project Scoring Basic Requirements Scheme Design and Argumentation, Theoretical Calculation and Analysis, Circuit Diagram 30 Actual Completion 50 Summary Report 20 Partially Completed the First Item 5 Completed the Second Item 15 Completed the Third Item 20

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