Mingchuang photoelectric LED street lamp storage late maintenance responsibility Jinhua suspended on the LED street light

LED street lights were installed in some sections of Jinhua City. After a few years, they suffered from “unacceptable water and soil”. The street lamps costing 10,000 yuan were black but not repaired. The local streetlight management explained that the supplier is responsible, the supplier said that the warranty period has passed, and the originally brightly lit road has now become a dark period, and the bad situation continues.

Residents living near Jinsha Street in Xincheng District, Jincheng City, Jinhua City, can't figure out what it is. This LED street lamp is expensive, but it faces a group of faults, but it is in an embarrassing situation.

"More than half of the street lights have broken down, not only ugly, but also affects traffic safety." Residents are eager to hope that the street lamp management department can repair these lights, but the answer is "no way to repair." This answer is very confusing. What is the reason for the street lamp management department to do nothing about this batch of LED street lights?

68 street lights "瞎" 37, the street lamp management can not repair
Jinsha Street, Wucheng District, Jinhua City is located in the new city of Yucheng. It is a newly renovated urban road in recent years. There are 68 LED street lights on both sides of the road. There are 6 units in each of the lights. One of the 25 lights has one unit that is not bright. There are 2 units in each of the 9 lights. The two units have 3 units. Bright, and one of the lights is all black, and all the lights are not bright. In this case, among the 68 lights, 37 lamps have different levels of black light problems, and the ratio is more than half.

It is no wonder that the residents nearby have said that the current Jinsha Street is "blacker" than it was two years ago.

Residents thought that the street lights were broken, there would always be people to repair, but more than half a year passed, still the same. To this end, the reporter found the Jinhua City Street Light Management Office.

"I know this, but unfortunately, the streetlights of this section are not within the daily maintenance of the streetlight management office." Director of the management office Dai Xiangwen explained that the owner of the Jinsha Street streetlight is the management committee of the new district of Licheng District. At that time, the management committee had agreed with the street lamp supplier to carry out normal maintenance and management.

Jinhua City Street Light Management Office said that they have repeatedly instructed enterprises to carry out maintenance, but so far no movement.

"As a new alternative energy-saving light source for national promotion and application, LED street lights are undoubtedly a future development direction, but in practical applications, there will still be a lot of troubles." Dai Xiangwen said, "This is determined by the current characteristics of LED street lights." ."

He explained that LED street lights have their shortcomings, such as the life of the power supply is not guaranteed, and the power is low, in order to obtain high power, multiple parallel use is required. In addition, LED street lights are more "smart", due to heat dissipation and other reasons, the usual maintenance management pressure is very large. "For a LED lamp, it costs 900 yuan, which is much more expensive than traditional street lamps." Dai Xiangwen said.

He admits that such characteristics determine that LED street lights are more suitable for urban landscape lights, and as purely illuminated street lights, they are slightly inferior.

Xincheng District decided to suspend the LED streetlight project
The reporter immediately found the planning and construction bureau of the Yucheng New City Management Committee. The official Zheng Zhiping said in an interview that the street lights in Jinsha Street have not been reflected, they have received many reflections, but they can't solve them for a while.

Zheng Zhiping said that this road was introduced as a pilot road at the time, and had agreed with the street lamp supplier beforehand.

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