LED practitioners voice: optimistic about the prospects of the industry to adhere to the heart of the LED dream

In 2012, the LED industry can be described as ups and downs. Having experienced the development of industry, it also witnessed the tide of industry closures; it was buoyant with government subsidies, and it also encountered product export cofferdams; it also played a big price war to occupy the market, and it also secretly mobilized the talent competition. In this blossoming LED industry, LEDinside BBS launched a career survey of “LED industry, people coming and going” in response to how practitioners view the industry’s prospects and the current working environment.

The data shows that the prospects for the LED industry are optimistic about 83%, and 13% are on a wait-and-see basis, completely abandoning 5% of the industry. The proportion of confidence in both the industry and the company is 53%, and the outlook for the industry is not satisfied with the company's environment accounting for 29%.

The survey found that although some LED practitioners are not satisfied with the current company's technology and management system, there are very few people who suffer the industry and want to give up, but more than 80% of people are still optimistic about the prospects of the LED industry. Along with the growth and development of LED, they also witnessed the ups and downs of the industry. Although all along the way is full of hardships and bumps, and they are feeling too much right and wrong, they still firmly believe that “the sun is always in the aftermath”. The LED dream in the heart, they struggling to support their teeth.

They believe that the current dilemma of the LED industry is not only due to the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, directly affecting the decline in the LED industry's orders, but also because many mainland companies are optimistic about the industry's “benefit”, and they have swarmed in for a while. As a result, the market became saturated. These companies waged price wars for the sake of sharing a glass of finesse in the market, which further led to the closure of some companies. At the same time, the increase in the number of companies also led to mixed industry and product quality problems. However, they firmly believe that these problems will be met with the development of standards, the continuous development of the industry and the reshuffle of cards, so that those who really want to grow and develop the company based on the LED industry.

LEDinside believes that although the peak of the LED industry has not yet arrived, even the situation in the second half is not optimistic, but the bright future of LED is still worth the wait. The main reasons are:

1. From the external environment, the European debt crisis has prompted foreign companies that have relied on exports to Europe and the United States to find other partners to provide business opportunities for mainland Chinese companies. It is understood that many Spanish design companies have sought to find opportunities for cooperation in China due to the impact of the European debt crisis, and they are seen as opportunities by Foshan LED companies.

Second, from the perspective of China's policy, national policies and financial subsidies have a positive effect on LED. Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council presided over the executive meeting of the State Council in May and decided to allocate RMB 2.2 billion to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps. The Ministry of Finance recently issued another announcement on 2012 LED product subsidy promotion bidding. According to informed sources, the re-bidding will expand the scale. The successful bidder is expected to expand to 30 to 50, and the total amount is expected to double to nearly RMB 1 billion. . In addition, local governments have also issued relevant policies to support the development of local LED companies. These policy support is undoubtedly the policy support to the LED industry, which will help promote the faster development of the industry.

Third, from the industry, the continuous improvement of LED enterprise technical standards helps enhance competitiveness. Recently, LED lamps and lanterns exported from mainland China have encountered the "encirclement and suppression" of Europe and the United States. Guangdong LED giants responded to this crisis, actively studied international industry standards, and updated the company's product and technical indicators in a timely manner. Although encountering technical barriers is not a good thing, this, on the other hand, also stimulates the improvement of the company's technical standards. In the long run, it will help increase the competitiveness of the LED industry in mainland China.

Fourth, from the perspective of market terminals, consumers have further improved their awareness and acceptance of LED. With the development of the industry, the decline in product prices, and the promotion of activities for some companies to exchange incandescent lamps for LED lights free of charge, so that consumers have more opportunities to understand LED products, and try to use this light bulb in daily life. It will help update the concept of consumers and lay the foundation for the opening of the LED civilian market.

From LEDinside's point of view, the development of any industry is not easy and all-in-one. It has to go through the process of rising, climax, and trough, and ultimately it is a process of stable development. The LED industry is no exception. Although the development of the industry is not so clear at present, its prospects are very impressive and it is worth the attention of LED industry professionals!

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