Comparative analysis of d5 and d9

The DVD±R DL disc is referred to as D9, which is a single-sided double-layer disc with a maximum capacity of 8.5GB. The ordinary DVD is a single-sided single-layer disc with a maximum capacity of 4.7 GB, referred to as D5.

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Here I will introduce you to the principle of DVD±R DL, which is a single-sided double-layer recording (DVD+/-Recordable Double layer) compared to the ordinary single-sided single layer 4.7G, with two storage layers. The storage capacity of ordinary single-sided single-layer discs has been expanded to 8.5G, so it is difficult to develop and produce.

DVD±R DL disc

A DVD±R DL (Dual Layer) disc adopts a new manufacturing process in which a double recording layer (the first recording layer L0 and the second recording layer L1) is embedded, and an isolation layer is added between L0 and L1, through the double The recording layer records and saves data separately, achieving a doubling of capacity.

DVD±R DL disk surface resolution

The DVD±R DL disc mainly increases the data storage capacity through an additional storage layer. This storage layer is accessed by the same side of the disc, and there is no need to change the disc to read the data on the other side. The only difference is that there are some minor differences between the two technologies, such as different positioning mechanisms, but the practical effect is the same.

At present, the new DVD recorder basically supports DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL, but because the recording disc is more expensive, the 2.4x speed disc is priced at nearly 20 yuan, which is slower and more expensive. Not many people are using it. However, in the DVD store, the D9 disc is very common, because of its large capacity, it can be released on the D9 disc, usually AC3 and DTS audio system, or a long film of more than 120 minutes.

Summary Comments: Through the above, we introduced the mainstream specifications and featured technologies of the current CD market. If you need to save important data, you can first consider DVD-RAM, watch DVD or DVD±R DL, and ordinary DVD±R is the most Preferential choice. In short, the quality of the brands in the market is mixed, although the price difference is not large, but the quality is a world of difference, so at least to understand the mainstream products in the market, the selection of products can be handy.

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