"Double eleven" home appliance stores after cooling

"Double eleven" home appliance stores after cooling After the "double eleven" home appliance stores cool down. When reporters visited Foshan appliance store yesterday, more than one shopping guide said so. There are not many customers in various stores. Some of them can even be described by a small number of customers.

"November is the usual lucrative month, and new products will be listed on the market until the end of November. This year, thanks to the promotion of e-commerce, a 'double 11' shopping festival was launched, and physical stores can only follow up and partially overdraw. Daily consumer demand, after the “double 11′′ is slightly deserted, is normal.” Fang Lixing, deputy general manager of an appliance store analysis.

"Double-Eleven" not only has a huge amount of transactions announced by e-commerce companies, but also a substantial gain in physical stores. Several large-scale chain stores have doubled or even more than doubled over the same period of last year.

Related personnel suggested that since the concentration of online promotions is higher than offline, e-commerce may concentrate on one-day promotions to form a large number of orders. However, due to various factors such as storefront area and store rent, the promotion should be more balanced and should be placed more Long intervals. If a physical store blindly receives e-commerce promotions, it will enlarge sales transactions on a single day, which will inevitably affect daily sales.

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