The public denounced the future regulation of LED "light pollution" blowouts or "there is a law to follow"

The problems caused by light pollution are getting worse, but all relevant government departments are saying that they are not within their ownership. At present, there are no relevant laws and regulations on the issue of light pollution, and there is no clear authority department. In recent years, with the emergence of a large number of LED light sources, the problem of "light pollution" has been blown out, and the attitude of supervision is generally not to be sued.

Because there is no clear certainty about "light pollution" in the law, the reporter found a case of Tang Haiyang, a lawyer of Beijing Dongyuan (Shenzhen) Law Firm, for the relevant department. "The blank of light pollution legislation cannot provide ideals to affected people. The article on the remedy means that the latest law related to light pollution in China's environmental protection is the relevant content of the Property Law. Article 90 stipulates that “the real property right holder may not dispose of solid waste and emit atmospheric pollutants in violation of state regulations. , water pollutants, noise, light, electromagnetic radiation and other harmful substances, this article confirms that light can be used as a source of environmental pollution.

Subsequently, the reporter called Mr. Tang Haiyang, Tang Haiyang expressed his point of view, "light pollution" prevention and control should be included in the rule of law. For the prevention and control of light pollution, we should take into account the interests related to people's livelihood, human social welfare, and nature. Before the introduction of the system of light pollution prevention and control, it is possible to start with the technical norms, first solve the problem of light pollution evaluation standards through departmental regulations and local legislation, and define the scientific definition of light pollution so that the parties can sue, court trials, and administrative law enforcement. To some extent, there are laws to follow.

At present, the installation and playback contents of the LED screen are subject to approval and supervision by the relevant departments. However, the brightness has caused many opinions and there is no uniform standard. The intuitive feeling of the public being disturbed by "light pollution" will be more responsive than the content of the broadcast and how to install it. It is worthwhile to examine the relevant departments in terms of supervision.

Then, what kind of brightness does not cause "light pollution", personal feelings are different, and objective factors are difficult to determine the "sensitive" of some regulatory authorities. This is difficult to determine. Before the introduction of relevant regulations, "brightness" can still pass, but subjective aspects such as playing time, volume, etc. are completely within the control range of the regulatory authorities. If these can not give the people a statement, it seems a bit too much. Officials have commercialized.

When the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences formulated the relevant short-selling measures for "light pollution", it was suggested that, based on systematic research on the degree of psychological and physiological tolerance of light pollution and possible adverse consequences, it is recommended to introduce design for light pollution sources such as glass curtain walls and urban lighting. The operational control standard. For example, anti-glare luminaires should be mandatory for road lighting and building facade lighting to reduce uplighting. Commercial advertisements such as LEDs and neon lights should learn from foreign experience and establish specifications such as strict specifications, brightness, setting areas and opening times to reduce the impact on urban residential buildings.

Recently, according to the news released by the Xining Environmental Protection Bureau, the environmental protection department of Xining City and the urban management department jointly acted on the issue of excessively large LED display screens and overtime playback. The LED display screen must not be turned on for 24 hours. For 7:30 to 22:00, a smart photoreceptor must be installed. At the same time, the LED display is required to be muted all day or to maintain a subwoofer. The responsible unit that does not open and close the outdoor electronic display according to the regulations is subject to penalty.

At the "18th National Congress" press conference shortly after the end, the Minister of Environmental Protection Zhou Shengxian also explained in detail the high-frequency vocabulary of "Beautiful China" from the perspective of environmental protection. Two of them happen to be in pollution prevention and supervision: first, to develop a comprehensive and efficient pollution prevention and control system; second, complete environmental management and law enforcement supervision system. In Hong Kong, even if the special laws of the Environmental Protection Agency cover noise control, the ozone layer and even the parking stalls have been put forward quite specific terms, the "light pollution" governance should have clear provisions, so that there are laws to follow.

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