Guangdong's first LED standard optical component passed expert review

Guangdong Science and Technology Ministry website on the 3rd, "LED lighting standard optical component technology and management system" expert demonstration meeting was held in Guangzhou recently, Guangdong's first LED standard optical components through its reality, operability, technological innovation, passed the expert Review.

This means that LED standard optical components are about to enter the stage of comprehensive promotion. The traditional LED supply chain system has been replaced by the "industrial middleware standardization" product model. The product standardization, standardization, serialization and interchangeability problems that have long plagued the industrial development are expected to be solved. .

The same lighting module standard components can be applied to functional LED lighting products such as LED street lights, tunnel lights, floodlights and high pole lights. The implementation of the standard optical component project is conducive to the establishment of an interchangeable platform for the integration of opto-mechatronics, serialization and universal interface of LED lighting products, which will guide the development direction of the semiconductor lighting industry.

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