"LED Good Products" September issue editor's message: brand Tucao

[Source: Gaogong LED 's " LED Good Products" magazine September issue (total 45th ) editor's message ] Time is the knife to kill pigs. But time is also the best alchemist stone. It is accumulated for a long time. It is for accumulation and accumulation. The LED industry has gradually matured and is on the right track in the experience of time. However, the problems are also endless. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED, pointed out that "although domestic LED companies are everywhere, there are not many brands."

It is true that the brand building of enterprises requires more time to precipitate.

Perhaps some brands can be formed and launched overnight, but only after being tested, proven and accepted by consumers can it become a well-known brand. It takes years, even decades, to achieve, so you must be committed to creating and maintaining a brand with a long-term vision.

Creating a brand, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, this is a common concept that is often mentioned, and even companies directly confuse products and brands. How should the product and brand be distinguished?

2013 East China LED Lighting Supply Chain Good Product Tour Seminar and High-tech Golden Globe Awards Annual LED Good Product Recruitment Activities During the investigation of the Yangtze River Delta, a corporate executive gave a vivid metaphor. "If you compare products and brands to men, then the product is a man who sells himself. He shouts and sells his strengths to attract people to buy. The brand is different. The brand does not deliberately show off himself, but his cultivation, Connotation will make you fall in love with him." Usually for women, the latter is more lethal.

In the LED industry, it is often encountered that some companies are rushing to put "our brand" on their lips, always making people laugh. Not all products can be called brands, just like the classic ad word "not all milk can be called Terunsu". The real brand has its own positioning and has its own core.

As a manufacturing center of traditional lighting, Zhejiang is not only a large enterprise such as sunshine lighting, but also a small and medium-sized enterprise. With the rise of LED lighting, many enterprises have lost their way to transformation. Just like the remaining men and women left now, they all face the same problem: "I don't know what kind of person is right for me." There is no positioning, "step on the watermelon rind, where to slide where to count". For the value and charm of the brand, they are still looking at the flowers.

In today's highly competitive micro-profit era, global companies are increasingly feeling the crisis of survival and development. But why do internationally renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz stand for centuries and are profitable?

The power of the brand can bring amazing brand value. Enterprises make products, products have the value of products; branding, brand also has the value of the brand. Products can be sold and brands can be sold. "If Coca-Cola's factory is burned by a fire, the headlines of the major media in the world on the second day must be the bank's rush to loan Coca-Cola." This is the most talked about by Coca-Cola people. This is 9 consecutive years. Ranked at the top of the "Best Global Brands List" and the value of Coca-Cola with a brand value of $70 billion.

Therefore, please keep up with the times, believe in the power of the brand, it will bring the following "benefits" to the enterprise:

1. Obtain high profits;

2. Unified brand image, reducing the amount of publicity costs of enterprises;

3. Gain high trust from customers, resulting in continuous purchases;

4. The dealer will take the initiative to find a door to represent your brand;

5. High employee cohesion, employees will be proud of their own company, saving human resources variable costs;

6. Continuously growing brand intangible assets;


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