Small and medium-sized backlight demand Jialongda's utilization rate is maintained at 80%

In the third quarter of the LED industry, the demand for large-size backlights was dragged down by the peak season. The LED factory is also paying close attention to whether the fourth quarter has the effect of the European and American Christmas Festival and the pre-stocking power of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Da believes that the demand for direct-lit LED TVs and small and medium-sized backlights is better. In contrast, the backlight demand for side-mounted LED TVs and notebook computers is still sluggish. The overall processing rate of Lunda is maintained at 80%, order visibility. About 1-1.5 months.

The end of China's energy-saving and welfare subsidy policy has affected the overall LED TV backlight in the third quarter. However, Ronda believes that the demand for side-entry backlights is more obvious, while the demand for direct-lit backlights still maintains stable shipments, but straight down. LED TVs accounted for a relatively low level, and still could not compensate for the recession gap of the side-entry LED TV backlight. On the other hand, the rapid rise of tablet PCs caused the notebook market to be eroded, and the performance of the Londa notebook backlights was also affected.

In addition, Ronda pointed out that its side-entry small and medium-sized backlight module products have responded well to the market, and recently entered the Japanese brand mobile phone new product supply chain, while China's white-brand mobile phones, tablet PCs and other customers have also introduced this product into the new product design. It is expected that the fourth quarter will continue to pull goods.

In terms of overall operation, the backlight requirements of Ronda's edge-lit LED TVs and notebook computers are sluggish, but the demand for direct-lit LED TVs and small and medium-sized backlights is still good, and the demand for LED lighting continues to increase. Ronda currently The overall utilization rate is maintained at 80%, and the order visibility is about 1-1.5 months.

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