ST's intelligent solutions for electronic ballasts

Due to its excellent performance, fluorescent lamps are currently the most widely used light source in industrial, commercial, and home environments.

They have various shapes and sizes. Compared with traditional bulbs, they have higher luminous efficiency, better color rendering, longer life and lower energy consumption.

High-efficiency, high-frequency electronic ballasts can ensure excellent fluorescent lighting performance and save more energy, while also eliminating visible flicker and audio noise, and meet the latest safety EMI and energy regulations.

Regulations requiring the discontinuation of the sale of low-efficiency incandescent lamps have led to a substantial increase in compact fluorescent lamps, which have all the advantages of fluorescent lamps and the familiar incandescent lamp connection and form factor.

ST's main smart products meet the needs of various electronic ballasts, including:

PWM and PFC controller IC

Dedicated ballast driver IC

High voltage bipolar power transistor

High voltage power MOSFET

Ultra high speed rectifier

8-bit microcontroller

CFLi-High frequency ballast

Due to its simplicity and low cost, electronic drive circuits for small fluorescent lamps generally adopt a self-oscillating voltage feedback topology. After startup, the DC-AC converter maintains oscillation through the feedback loop formed by the base of the bipolar transistor through the transformer. The new complementary pair solution is based on a higher-gain bipolar power tube. Fluorescent lamp ballast designers use this solution to eliminate saturated iron core auxiliary transformers and startup networks. This solution is based on a half-bridge voltage feedback topology and uses auxiliary windings on the series inductance of fluorescent lamps to generate a resonant drive circuit waveform. The standard self-oscillation and complementary pair solutions have a high tolerance to the switching frequency without having to control the power of the fluorescent lamp. The only way to design a small intelligent drive circuit is to use a dedicated IC with a high-voltage function and a built-in oscillator. According to application requirements, preheating and dimming functions can also be configured.

Tube Light / Small Fluorescent Lamp-Self-oscillating ballast

Due to more efficient lighting control functions and improved power factor, self-oscillating push-pull fluorescent lamp ballasts are widely replacing traditional magnetic ballasts. The ST-optimized bipolar power tube effectively uses a self-oscillating push-pull topology. The following block diagram can be used to select the most suitable products and devices to design high-frequency ballast circuits.

Piezoelectric Motor

Piezoelectric Motor,Piezoelectric Vibrating Motor, Piezo Motor