Learn about amplifiers in the analog world

Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs), Sensors, Actuators, Amplifiers – these are the analog world terms used to describe our lives. How do they connect and how do they work? For ease of understanding, this article will review the basics of amplifiers.

An amplifier (amplifier, also known as amp) allows the designer to connect the sensor and actuator to the converter, as shown in Figure 1. The amplifier converts the low-level, high-source impedance signal to a high-level, low-source impedance signal for input to the converter.

Learn about amplifiers in the analog world

There are several types of amplifiers, including:

●Operational amplifier (op amp)

●Power amplifier

●RF amplifier

●Instrument amplifier

The most commonly used device is an operational amplifier, which is a three-terminal device that amplifies small signals at the input. They are called "operational" amplifiers because they can be configured to perform different operations or implement different functions such as positive amplification, inverting amplification, and filtering. Op amps are often used as the basic building blocks in analog designs. Almost any operation can be done with an op amp: amplification, filtering, level shifting, comparison, and driving the ADC. Circuit design can be difficult when the system is complex and requires multiple amplifiers, multiple passive components, or a good match between passive components. Multiple op amps can be combined to become the most complex amplifier.

Learn about amplifiers in the analog world

Instrumentation amplifiers are commonly used to amplify bridges and bioelectrical signals. The bridge forms a small differential signal between its two endpoints. Due to the high source impedance of the bridge, high input impedance and high gain are required for the design. This is why instrumentation amplifier solutions are best suited to solve such problems.

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