How to realize the robot's perception and understanding of objects

In the process of evolution, animals first evolved to use tactile sensation and recognize objects. Before the eyes appear, animals can recognize and recognize external objects through touch. The appearance of the eyes makes the animals touch the external objects by touching the images of the objects in the eyes. It is able to recognize and recognize external objects. It can be said that the eyes are a higher-level tactile tool evolved on the basis of the original touch. We must study the robot 's perception, recognition and recognition of objects. First we must create a kind of only A robot with no eyes allows the robot to sense, recognize, and recognize objects only by touching the object. Then we install the eyes on the robot so that the robot can use the eyes to feel, recognize, and recognize foreign objects. Here we don't study the robot's eyes first, so the robot to be studied here is a robot without eyes. The touch sensor is installed on the robot's hands. The robot's computer makes or forms a robot's own graphics. When the robot moves, the robot The self-pattern in the brain does the same motion as the robot. The robot can only know the object figure in the brain. When the robot's hand moves, the graphic hand in the brain also performs the same motion. When the robot touches an object by hand, it passes the robot hand. The upper sensor transmits the touch signal to the corresponding position of the graphic hand in the brain, and the robot's brain feels that the hand touches the object.

Because of the graphical formula, we can use graphics formulas to make graphics in the computer, but the computer can not really recognize the graphics through the graphical formula, such as: the computer in the robot brain can quickly identify which conforms to the graphical formula Standard graphics, but it is difficult to identify the natural graphics formed by objects in the environment in the environment. It seems that we have to create a robot that can recognize arbitrary graphics. We must abandon this method of making graphics completely using graphical formulas. Actually, if the robot can A sensible object figure is formed and memorized in the robot brain by contact with the object, so that the robot can sense and recognize the object figure formed by the external object in the robot brain. Now we need to create a robot with two hands and no eyes to study how the robot touches the object by hand, and forms a method of touching the figure with the sensed object in the robot brain.

First of all, the robot should be very clear about the position of the opponent at each moment. Only then can the robot form the touch pattern of the object in the brain through the touch of the object, and only then can the robot feel the object in the brain by touching the image of the object in the brain. Graphics. We can create a pair of flexible robotic arms. We know that to control the spatial motion of an object, we need to have x, y, z, left and right, up and down, front and back (here, x, y, z are used to represent left and right, up and down, front and back). The motion value of the direction is controlled. The robot can know the position of the hand at each moment by controlling the numerical changes on the x, y, and z of the hand movement. When the robot touches an object by hand, the touch signal is transmitted to the robot brain and the robot hand. The self-graphics hand that does the same motion, so that when the robot touches an object by hand, the self-graphic hand in the robot brain draws and memorizes the object figure in the robot brain according to the numerical changes of x, y, and z.

The actual robot's memory of the touch graphic is a comprehensive memory of the shape and various feelings of the graphic. When the robot touches an object by hand, the touch graphic of the object appears in the brain, and the robot only holds the object by hand. Do all kinds of sports, the robot's own graphic hand in the brain also holds the same figure in the brain to do the same movement, this robot does not have eyes, so there is no process of forming this movement through the eyes in the brain, this We will find that the object figure and the position of the graphic hand in contact with it plus the angle of rotation of the graphic hand can determine the position of the object figure in the robot brain, which indicates that the robot's brain can pass various kinds of memory graphics. Position to remember all the positions of this object graphic in the robot brain, we also found that this object graphic is replaced by other objects. The robot has all the positions of other object graphics in the brain, so that the robot graphic hand is memorized in the robot brain. In various positions, the robot has a position in the brain of various objects.

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