Car purifier eliminates formaldehyde risks

Car purifier eliminates formaldehyde risks

I believe that many car owners will encounter such a situation, the new car bought will smell obvious irritating odors, especially in the moment of driving the door. Many owners disapprove of this "new car flavor", but they do not know that this smell has come a long way. The reporter learned from the information of authoritative organizations that the main ingredient of this "new car taste" is the harmful chemical gas emitted from the car's materials.

At present, there are widespread degrees of excessive levels of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene in cars on the market, and in particular, the rate of over-standard vehicles in middle- and low-end vehicles is higher. The Air Testing Center of the China Interior Decoration Association once tested 200 vehicles. The results show that if the current air quality standards are referenced, more than 90% of cars have excessive levels of formaldehyde and benzene in their vehicles. The formaldehyde levels of most vehicles exceed 5,6. More than doubled, especially with the worst air quality in the new car.

According to data from a foreign study, it is an important culprit for car accidents that air quality exceeds the standard. Inhalation of formaldehyde and benzene after a certain amount of inhalation will cause dizziness, nausea, cough and other "car syndrome", which will seriously damage the body's health, lead to human body discomfort or various fatigue problems, and increase the risk factor of car driving. At the same time, after the new car leaves the factory, the harmful gases in the compartment must at least be evaporated for more than 6 months before they can fall to the "safety critical line." Affected by formaldehyde and haze for a long time, more and more car owners have begun to seek various ways to improve the air quality inside the car. The car air purifier is currently the most effective method.

It is reported that consumers are most concerned about the performance of "in addition to formaldehyde" when they purchase car purifiers on e-commerce platforms such as and Tmall. Among them, the continuously hot-selling Snow Wright car air purifier “dish shadow” has been implanted with advanced ultraviolet sterilization functions due to the fact that the removal rate of formaldehyde is above 90% and the bad weather for the increased bacterial activity of the Hazetian virus has been implanted. The consumer's favor.

According to statistics, the Snow Group, known as the “purifier”, joined forces with Tsinghua University during the SARS epidemic and played an important role in preventing the spread of the SARS virus. Snowlight cooperated with Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Southeast University, and other authoritative technical units in the industry to accelerate the development of photocatalytic technology and become the drafter of photocatalytic technology standards. To date, it has developed over 200 patented technologies. This air purification also applies the core technologies such as ultraviolet sterilization, photocatalytic filter, and negative ion freshening layer. Decomposition of harmful substances increases the oxygen content of air, which can greatly improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of driver fatigue.

General specifications

Base speed: 1                      Detachable shaft: lock & unlock sign

 LED light: No                       Speed setting: 1


Technical specifications

Power: 150W/200W               Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Voltage: 220-240V                 Cord length: 1.2 m


Design specifications

Material body: ABS                  Surface finishing: injected color

Material rod: Stainless steel      Material blade: Stainless steel                 

Material measure cup & chopper: SAN

Dishwasher attachments: Yes





Optional Accessories

A. Mixer Beater (s/s)                                                    

B. Mixer whisk (s/s)                                                     

C. Potato masher                                                          

D. 550ml measure cup                                              

F. 700ml measure cup                                             

G. 350ml chopper      

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