The concept of intelligent lighting is hot. Why is the consumer market cold?

Business å°´å°¬: My enthusiasm, you never know
Jiangdong Zhonglu, a lighting market, is always brightly lit all the year round. Even after the night, some merchants are still driving flashing LED smart lights. "We are always showing the image of the industry, because everyone is optimistic about this business. I took the golden shop of the store a year ago to operate. I also invested a lot of manpower and financial resources in the promotion of intelligent lighting , but the average daily cost is about 200 yuan. In the face of a loss." In the face of a long time waiting for a customer, a Shanghai-based Zhang surnamed the boss told reporters that in the sales process, the tricks that can attract customers are used, such as: buy a restaurant intelligent lighting, send timing control The scene setting system, etc., experienced customers did not say good, but few people saved.
Ms. Lu, the head of a smart lighting store called Guangming Road, said that last year, a set of intelligent remote control lights sold for nearly 1,200 yuan. Now she is priced at 800 yuan, and she also put two energy-saving lamps. Not two sets.
Consumer psychology: lighting does not make a bells and whistles
Mr. Hong, who had just finished renovation, said that his family's lighting spent a total of more than 8,500 yuan, talking about intelligent lighting, and also installed voice control lights on the aisle ceiling. Although it is only 530 yuan, but let the number of love fall, I think it is not used to use, sometimes the neighbors close the door louder, his home lights will also light up, people are surprised.
"Intelligent lighting is good, but the function is too much to be overwhelmed. What are the strength adjustment, color control, soft drive, stage scene, etc. There are manual, remote control, voice control, home lights. The function is lighting. If the toy is called, it is somewhat biased.” The general manager of Nanjing Decoration Company said that there are also two smart lighting companies working with their company. The dozens of designers of the company are also actively promoting, but consumers just don’t buy it. The reporter also interviewed a number of citizens. Everyone expressed the same meaning. The lighting in the house is still better than the traditional ones. It is like a hotel and a stage.
Market signal: competition disorderly price is not close to the people
Faced with the tepid state of the intelligent lighting market, Guo Cuifeng, general manager of Nanjing Dilong Intelligent Technology Co., said that the intelligent lighting system is relatively complicated, the probability of product problems is relatively high, and the level of after-sales service in the industry is low, leading to customers. Satisfaction with smart lighting products is low. In addition, the manufacturers engaged in intelligent lighting are mixed, the quality of products is different, the industry and national standards are seriously lacking, and it also affects the trust of dealers and consumers in intelligent lighting products.
Traditional lighting and electrician dealers are difficult to promote the intelligent lighting market due to various concepts and levels. The decoration company is not professional enough, and the security monitoring business is far away, so that the intelligent lighting does not form a stable and broad channel. With the development of network technology and communication technology, the digital concept will occupy a dominant position in the home, and intelligent lighting will have a place as an important part of digital home.

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