CIBN Internet TV CAN Created at the World: The Ecological Center of Smart Home

Today, under the background of the government's vigorous advocacy of the Internet + concept and the promotion of the development of the Internet TV terminal industry, an endless stream of new products has appeared on the market in turn. As the central media Internet TV operator, CIBN Internet TV pioneered its brand new intelligent terminal product brand, CAN, in Beijing today, marking CIBN Internet TV's entry into the smart TV industry. This is the first attempt of the Internet TV new media licensee to turn to intelligent terminal products, and is also a heavyweight attempt. The new CAN terminal not only has the full content service resources of CIBN Internet TV, but also forms a unique personality of the Internet TV series mid-range products through the rigorous polishing of the product's processes and technologies.

Ecological platform, smart home

A bird's-eye view of the world, omnipotent, CAN was born. As an innovative technology company that is committed to providing quality products and services for the Internet family life, CAN uses ingenious creative ideas as design inspiration and draws a clear line with mediocrity. The sleek body and smooth curves of its series contain the energy to change the world. The newly released smart TV brand CAN, first introduced five smart products, including two high-performance set-top boxes, two Full HD network smart TVs, and a soundbar with OTT-enabled high-fidelity sound effects. It fully demonstrated its philosophy of pursuing excellence in science and technology, integrating multiple resources, creating a new family Internet eco-platform, and truly achieving a smart family life.

CANTVF55 and CANTVC43 are two 55-inch and 43-inch Full HD network smart TVs, which have a very high price/performance ratio compared with similar products in the market. As a high-quality audio and video terminal, the pursuit of quality and sound quality is the true nature of CANTV. These two products use a variety of core technologies, which greatly improve the clarity and video effects, enhance and improve the quality of the picture, showing the most realistic and moving colors. The most eye-catching is that the color style of CANTV is performed by a team of well-known domestic film masters to provide viewers with rich movie quality and color effects. In addition, the full HD network smart TV integrated into the Oriental design and cultural elements, unique shape, unique cloud base combined with Tai Chi Pisces map, representing the core essence of Chinese culture, fully embodies the unique Chinese yin and yang, rigidity, balance , change and other ideas. 55-inch models have 15.5mm slim body and 7.9mm ultra-narrow frame, slim and moving; using LG top 4k panel, clear, realistic; top-level configuration, is the industry's first support for 64-bit CPU TV, take the lead Using Android 5.0 system to meet the various needs of smart home. 43-inch model ultra-narrow frame design, high-performance configuration, using direct-type backlight, uniform color and soft, more detailed and realistic picture details; has selected AUO original high-quality screen to meet all the demanding picture quality; through the AHVA super viewing angle High-definition technology improves the light transmittance of high-grade screens, making the screen more beautiful, and 6.5ms dynamic response time, so that the screen is no longer "dragging."

CANboxC1 and CANboxF1 are two high-performance set-top box products. Their design is extremely simple, compact and exquisite, and has a rich interface. The CANboxC1 supports up to 19201080 video resolution, and the CANboxF1 is the latest 4K standard, which is 4 times that of the CANboxC1. They all adopt the most advanced chip design scheme, support H.265 hard decoding technology, and can save half the network bandwidth with the same picture quality. The two products have complete interfaces and excellent functions, and support high-speed WIFI networks. Support includes AirPlay, DLNA, and Miracast. Multi-screen interactive functions including protocols.

CANbarS1Pro is an audiophile-quality soundbar audio product with OTT functionality. It uses a 3.1 gold crossover system, the first top-grade Haier flat-film tweeter designed by Nobel Prize winners. The high pitch is bright and smooth without losing the detail; the main channel uses a patented bass-chamfered magnetic speaker, and the middle-treble sound is rich in magnetism. , Good at expressing emotions; wireless subwoofer 2.4G wireless subwoofer, 8-inch high-power unit, surging without losing details. The overall configuration of CANbarS1Pro fully takes into account the wide frequency response range and good overall balance required by HI-FI audio, which greatly enhances the home audio and video effects. In addition, the sound uses a whispering wall design, support for virtual rear speaker effects and 5.1 sound field reconstruction, can instantly create a fever-level smart entertainment center, show authentic sound, so you feel like you are on the ground, comfortable and natural. CANbarS1Pro has a high-performance 4 core CPU processor, frequency up to 2GHZ, supports 2G large-capacity memory and 8-core GPU graphics processor, can smoothly run all large-scale 3D games. Support 2.4/5G dual-band dual-antenna wifi up to 800Mbps/s network speed, to meet the network bandwidth requirements of wireless network playback Ultra HD 4K video. In addition, the audio interface is rich, supports all kinds of home appliances access and with Bluetooth, you can achieve mobile wireless connection playback.

CAN, the new smart home ecosystem built with integrated multi-resources, has truly realized the concept of family smart life. In the layout of CIBN Internet TV, CAN is not a simple intelligent terminal, but an integrated family eco-platform such as home entertainment, smart home applications, and home game centers centered on high-quality audio and video experiences, providing a new brand of modern family life. The new center of wisdom for family life. CAN's ultra-thin body, smooth curves, exquisite and delicate craftsmanship create a luxurious texture, highlighting Chinese culture in a low-key and restrained manner. Not unassuming, not weird, with attitude CAN always knows how to properly interpret the beauty of moving heart. Hurry and swiftly call friends and enjoy happy moments.

Strong resources, private custom

These five new CAN product lines, in addition to being able to fully meet the needs of the target audience on the hardware, can bring higher standards of enjoyment to the software experience.

As a central media Internet TV operator, CIBN Internet TV has completed the layout of emerging industries such as video program content, Internet video, television applications, video games, and e-commerce shopping in recent years. As an innovative technology company that is committed to providing quality products and services for the Internet family life, the brand new terminal product brand relies on the full range of resources of CIBN Internet TV, and can easily create home TV wisdom of “video + smart applications + games + TV shopping”. Service ecology.

CAN's rich and powerful content allows users to experience the immersive viewing experience without leaving home. 3.314 million hours of video resources, thought to be seen; exclusive carousel channel, to meet all the needs; covering 90% of the movie theaters, the real home without leaving the experience of VIP cinema; also featured services, first-line superstar, popular LIVE live broadcasts, two heavy-weight performances per month; Unity, Youku Tudou, Huawei set up TEA alliance to deepen the field of big-screen games, integrate thousands of TV games in the industry, start monthly new platform; integrate multiple TV stations daily News broadcast automatic service; in addition can also connect e-commerce, real smart TV e-commerce entrance, easy online shopping; home in-depth experience to experience smart life, multi-terminal to achieve convenient control; vigorously develop micro-channel linkage mechanism, four-screen Unite to meet all needs of social networking, sharing, payment, and subscription.

Such a powerful content requires a smooth and fluent interactive experience. The new CAN product series adopts a customized Azure 4.0 UI system. Based on massive video and big data cloud computing capabilities, users can spontaneously complete deep content customization. The system can be tailored to push personalized resources, allowing users to fully experience the unique experience of private customization.

Relying on powerful hardware conditions, authoritative qualifications, abundant content, and user-friendly interactive experience, we believe that in the field of smart TVs, the new smart TV brand CAN will be able to fully meet user needs and create a truly smart home Internet new life.

About CAN

As a terminal product brand controlled by CIBN Internet TV, CAN is an innovative technology company committed to providing quality products and services for Internet home life. As a national team of Internet TV terminal services, CAN has rich and high-quality resources; the tailored Azure4.0UI system, based on massive video and big data cloud computing capabilities, can complete content customization and personalized push; its full range of products It is also the resource center of the smart family, based on the living room, and the layout of the family. Through the full-line resource base of “license plate + platform + content + application” and combining the three characteristic industry layouts of “E-commerce + games + smart home”, CAN strives to become a benchmarking company for resource integration in the smart TV industry, bringing unprecedented users. Visual sensory experience.

About CIBN Internet TV

China Guangdong Network (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in November 2006 and is a subsidiary of Guoguang Global Media Holdings Limited. It is positioned as a "new media service operator." As one of the licensees of the domestic Internet TV integrated broadcast control platform, CIBN is responsible for the CIBN Internet TV business based on the TV side and the corresponding integrated broadcast control platform of China International Broadcasting Network (CIBN). The core business is the construction of the CIBN Internet TV platform and Operation. Currently, for the horizontal market and vertical market, the Guangdong side has fully implemented diversified services such as terminal manufacturing, value-added services, overseas communications, and e-commerce.

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