Lighting Science: Take you to know the airport ground signal lights

When pedestrians cross the road, they must abide by the rules of ground traffic lights for "red light stop, green light". Then, the passenger planes of the civil aviation aircraft are more complicated. The ground lighting equipment for the airport is introduced today.

When the plane takes off or falls at night, I believe that careful passengers should notice the lights of various colors on the apron. In fact, this is only part of the ground lighting equipment of the airport. The ground lighting equipment of the airport is usually divided into obstacle lights, airport identification lights, runway lights, approach lights, sliding lights, taxi lights and so on. These lighting devices are used to transmit light information to pilots at night or in fog, for take-off, to determine air position, to enter the airport and to land to ensure flight safety.

Arrival light : It is an extension of the runway. The pilot can drive the aircraft along the approach path and gradually approach the ground until it enters the runway. The length of the approach road is sometimes up to 1000 meters, the width is equivalent to the runway, and it consists entirely of lights.

Runway lighting : Runway lighting consists of runway identification lights, runway entry lights, grounding lights, runway end lights, runway center lights, and runway boundary lights. The pilot must see the runway very early before entering the runway, so he has plenty of time to get ready to go. The runway identification light is a light fixture with a high brightness and a high frequency of flickering on the ground at both ends of the runway. The runway entrance light is mounted at the end of the runway and is green on a line perpendicular to the centerline of the runway. The corresponding runway end light is red. The grounded light from the runway end extends 750 meters on the runway, white light, embedded in the ground, to remind the pilot that this is a key area of ​​landing, the aircraft should be grounded in this area. The runway centerline light is a white light along the centerline of the runway. White runway border lights are placed on the sides of the runway and they inform the pilot of the width of the runway. The entrance to both ends of the runway is a green entry light.

Obstacle lights: Red obstacle lights that indicate danger and are not allowed to pass, usually mounted on the commanding heights of the flight area, such as the top of the mountain, the lighthouse, the chimney top, and the roof of the high-rise building. Obstacle with a height of less than 50 meters, only a red light on the top, and a red light above 50 meters, to display a red light to indicate its three-dimensional height. The elevated bridge near the airport is also filled with red lights on a series of commanding heights, indicating the span of the bridge.