Skyworth S9300 TV boot evaluation parameters configuration detailed analysis

Skyworth first realized mass production of OLED TVs to meet market demand. On August 25th, it was held a new Dimension OLED launch conference, a total of four Skyworth OLED TVs, stunning strikes! So, Skyworth OLED TV how? How to configure parameters? Xiao Bian uses the Skyworth S9300 TV as an example to carry out an evaluation of the Skyworth S9300 TV booting. The details of the S9300 TV's appearance design, system interface, parameter configuration, and function content are introduced in detail, so that everyone can understand this OLED TV in advance.

The 4K OLED TV launched by Skyworth this time covers multiple sizes such as 55/65 inch, and brings you a 55-inch version of the S9300 first. Here we first look at the appearance and system interface, and we will send you a detailed evaluation later. on.

Skyworth S9300 TV Front Appearance

At first glance, this Skyworth S9300 TV is very similar in appearance to the previous G9200. The general difference is that the S9300 has an additional Soundbar underneath.

4K OLED TV Skyworth S9300 front appearance

The Skyworth S9300's TV adopts a boundless design and the sense of unity is very good.

Skyworth S9300 TV

Skyworth S9300 TV adopts infinity design

Skyworth S9300 TV screen frame is bright silver, aluminum material, the surface of the plating process, excellent workmanship. Thanks to the use of OLED screens, Skyworth S9300's body can be very thin, with the thinnest at only 4.9mm. The following figure shows the comparison between the iPhone 5S and the Skyworth S9300. The thickness of the 5S is 7.6mm. It can be seen that the Skyworth S9300 is indeed significantly thinner than the 5S.

According to Skyworth's technical staff, 4.9mm is not the thinnest, Skyworth will soon achieve 1mm "wall" technology, so that users can even do not need wall mounts, also no longer need TV cabinet, to achieve a true float film movie.

Skyworth S9300 TV body is thinner than iPhone 5S

Skyworth S9300 TV's base is bright and silver like the frame, and the material is zinc alloy die-casting. It is very strong and keeps the body stable. There is a transparent acrylic panel at the bottom of the screen, with six JBL horns on the top, three on the left and right, and an treble unit and a bass unit on the back to form a full range coverage.

Zinc alloy die-casting base

Skyworth S9300 TV screen below Skyworth's LOGO, as well as the "OLED" word breathing light, in the boot state breathing light will light up, adding a sense of technology and fashion.

The Skyworth LOGO at the bottom of the screen, and the "OLED" breathing light

Skyworth S9300 TV Remote Control

Skyworth S9300 TV back design

The Skyworth S9300 TV backplane is aluminum-plastic panel. The surface is treated with wire drawing and anodization, and it looks gray and looks very technical. It is understood that this metal brushed backplane is provided by LG just like the screen.

The back of Skyworth S9300's TV adopts a leather pattern process

Skyworth S9300 uses metal brushed panels on the back of the TV

Skyworth S9300 TV rear shell using HIPS material, with a flame-retardant effect, the surface of the leather pattern processing, dark gray is relatively low, but with the metal wire drawing panel to maintain the same style.

Body tag model

There is a JBL woofer hole on the rear shell, which can greatly enhance the bass effect of the TV. This "gold shell" is very beautiful, made of stainless steel / iron, the surface of the corrosion + anodizing, light gold color, and keep the same style as the base.

Rear shell JBL woofer hole, surface corrosion + anodizing

Skyworth S9300 TV System Interface

Skyworth S9300 TV adopts Coolopen 5.0 system, the UI interface is very simple, and the entrance is simple and direct. Movies, education, shopping malls, games, travel, applications, etc. are clear and there is no need to switch pages.

Skyworth S9300 TV adopts Coolopen 5.0 system (this picture shows the engineering prototype, which is slightly different from the official version)

(This picture shows the engineering prototype, which is slightly different from the official version)

There are also commonly used functions on the left: local media, signal sources, settings, and television distribution. It is very convenient for users to enter and use.

The left side can evoke common functions (this is an engineering prototype, which is slightly different from the official version)

The following shows the hardware configuration displayed on the Skyworth S9300 system:

It can be seen that the Skyworth S9300 uses a 1.7GHz 4-core Cortex A17 CPU with a 4-core T760 GPU. This is the top configuration of the TV.

Skyworth S9300 TV Features

Next, let's briefly experience the functional contents of the Skyworth S9300 TV.

Video Center

Skyworth has introduced and managed Tencent video legal resources through ICNTV, and its video resources are very rich.

Rich video resources

Music centre

Previously, Skyworth introduced audio and video entertainment contents such as Geek Max, Geek Pod, and Geek Box in its GLED TV series, and Skyworth later introduced the concept of Geek Life, adding Geek Edu, Geek Travel, Geek Mall, etc. Life module. Now we finally see the complete manifestation of this Geek Life strategy in Skyworth S9300 TV.

Geek Edu

Geek Mall

Geek Travel

The Skyworth S9300 we received this time is an evaluation engineering prototype, which is slightly different from the official listing. Later we will receive the official listing version. There will be a complete detailed evaluation, including color quality, functional experience, etc., so stay tuned!

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