9.3 The five artifacts necessary for the live broadcast of the Victory Day parade! There are freehand tearing devils.

September 3 is a celebration to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. By that time, not only holidays, but also a grand parade ceremony can be seen. However, Xiao Bian recently heard some netizens asking about the military parade where can we see the video broadcast? The sofa network Xiao Bian this gives everyone to sort out 5 artifacts that watch live TV on the smart TV! You can also order a large number of anti-Japanese war dramas.

Vst all polymerization

Download address: http://app.shafa.com/apk/VSTquanjuhe20.html

The old brand of TV aggregation software can be viewed on-demand on live broadcasts. The program is full-time and video-like. It looks like a parade and play.
VST3.0, stylish and simple UI, live broadcast can be paused, look back at any time; on-demand seconds open, even without a second; smart recommended videos, know more about your taste; voice remote control, see what, listen to you! Disruptive innovations live on the move; user-friendly service smart video recommendations; easy to operate three-step up to the core interface; interesting games to grab remote control; new UI, stylish simplicity, higher and more gas!

TV cat

Download address: http://app.shafa.com/apk/dianshimaoshipin.html

The cat technology is razor-sharp, and the movie update is very timely, and the live TV is also slightly different.
: TV cat video is a video application. It is only for the family. It can be installed on smart TVs (such as LeTV) or smart boxes (such as millet boxes). It is currently providing millions of home users with a large collection of videos on the Internet. The site's massive on-demand, as well as CCTV / TV / local station live channel and 7 × 24 hours to look back.

Long Long Live

Download address: http://app.shafa.com/apk/longlongzhibo.html

A dedicated TV broadcast software, all kinds of live TV broadcast, but also their own DIY live broadcast source, very powerful and stable. The latest version of Dragon's live broadcast, new interface revision, improve fluency, bring a better operating experience. Faster playback, updated online source for daily maintenance, more stable viewing experience, and automatic hardware and software acceleration. Small size, low memory usage. Perfect support for remote control, no ads, no bad permissions.

TV home

Download address: http://app.shafa.com/apk/dianshijia20.html

This does not need to say any more, and some of the functions are not worse than the above. The TV family is dedicated to playing the clearest, smoothest, and most stable live TV broadcast software on the Android screen. Completely free of charge, the TV station synchronized high-definition live broadcast, covering most of CCTV and the Guardian video channel, genuine source never ceased to line; support for custom programming sources, local TV stations, Internet live channels, etc., only you can not think of, you can not see; program source Millions of netizens jointly maintain and provide stable and reliable program sources at any time.

Tencent Video TV Edition

Download address: http://app.shafa.com/apk/tengxunshipin1.html

Tencent’s report said that there will be an exclusive special live broadcast for the parade ceremony. It is also very much anticipated.
Tencent video TV version to return to the living room, cloud audio and video. Penguin is Tencent video and South New Media for the living room tailored for the network video applications. Penguin and the Southern New Media provide rich content for the officers. The latest and hottest movies, TV series, variety shows and animations are all available. The design is more humane, and the interface design is optimized for TV users. The function is more perfect. Selection and video playback are smoother and easier.

Our rack shelves are compatible with all 19" racks and cabinets to hold various IT, network and other equipment. The main different shelves are as follows:

1. Normal whole piece rack shelf 

2. Disassembled rack shelf: the 2 side ears are separate from the holding board. 

The features are as follows:

1st: New Disassembled Shelf allows you to assemble according to your different usage, and Lip can be upside / downside for meeting different functions.
2nd: Disassembled structure decreasing damage of ears in transit, the freight charge almost half than normal whole piece rack shelf. 
3rd: Easy assembly 

Server Rack Shelf

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