Cloud Series Halo Review (Content): Creating a Living Room Entertainment Core

In the Internet age of the living room, the demand of users for products is more reflected in the radioactivity of the content provided by the products, not just the functions of the hardware itself. Let the living room become a family entertainment center, covering the old, middle, and young generations of content radiation, is the user's demand for the current smart TV and living room entertainment.

Recently, in the experience room of Tsinghua Tongfang Smart Home Entertainment Center, Page Jun experienced the charm of Tongfang's “cloud cans” series and matching smart home hardware.

Cloud tank Halo appearance

What is our definition of home entertainment? Are you able to meet the family's big-screen theater, interactive entertainment console games, or parent-child interaction education? Or, the health needs of parents, or family karaoke, real-time information, Internet shopping? There is the most fashionable, family intelligent? Or all of these!

When the Internet enters the living room, it is always the “content + service” that attracts the most attention from the users. Therefore, let's take a look at the radioactivity of the contents of the cloud tank series as a heavyweight product linking Tsinghua Tongfang to TVs, mobile phones, and smart homes. What.

Cloud Cans - Seven Modules Build Home Entertainment Ecology

Family Video: Mango TV

So far, video is still one of the biggest needs of home users on large-screen content, not one. In this regard, the cloud tank series uses the license of Mango TV, that is, all the latest video content of Mango TV will be watched synchronously in the cloud tank.

As the most popular TV station in China, first of all, Mango TV's unique variety resources, such as where the father goes, I am a singer, etc. can experience it directly; secondly, starting in 2015 to create a “single broadcast to unique” mango TV, The investment in the introduction and production of content is very large. At present, Mango TV Movie Library has covered the resources of Sony Pictures, Fox, Disney, Paramount, and Warner Bros. Six Hollywood Pictures, and also absorbed Hunan Satellite TV, KBS, and MBC. , TVB, Huayi Brothers, Sky Entertainment Media and other platform's gold content resources; In addition, Mango TV Internet TV special content area "Mango Live Show" continues to bring users concerts, evenings, conferences, awards ceremony, sports Events and other exciting live content.

The superiority of mango TV content is still relatively advanced in the present, and the user's selectivity is relatively large.

Big Screen Game: Cloud Ci Yuan Platform + Cloud Can Market

The game business is one of the two core businesses created by Tsinghua Tongfang, and the person in charge of cloud cans revealed that currently the game module for cloud cans mainly consists of two parts: one is the cloud can market, which is used as the distribution channel for Android TV games and accepts the latest The first full-fledged video game, has currently launched more than 150 mainstream Android TV games;

The other is the cloud sub-game platform independently developed by Tongfang. Players can experience large-scale games that can run on the host without downloading games. All operations are completed on the same side of the "cloud server", and the effect is not inferior to some hosts. The effect shown. This is very attractive to domestic users who are experiencing "prepaid after-pay". As for technology, Tsinghua's brand is a demonstration of technology.

Living Room Education: Covering Parenting and Adult Education

Page Jun has always believed that TV big screen is the best output platform for Internet education, not one. With the arrival of the living room Internet era, Internet education will usher in a new opportunity for development. In the process of experience, the person in charge of cloud tank products also stated that education is another module that Tongfang strives to build in addition to games. The core support is the depth of content and brand influence of Tsinghua Tongfang’s mother in education.

As can be seen in the main interface of the education module, early childhood education, parent-child interaction, primary and secondary schools, and vocational education for adults are all included. Xiao Bian has experienced the parent-child interaction and vocational education platform among them. Among them, the magic language card is very customized. Interesting, with very fun AR technology, the user holds the card in front of the TV, the camera will map the characters and cards onto the screen, and the pictures on the card will appear in a dynamic form, with sound education, especially suitable for parent-child Interactivity learning.

Cloud cans education main interface

Magic language

Adult Education Module

Family Health: Suits work more effectively

The future health model should be able to understand the health status of each member of the family at any time in the living room and make corresponding adjustments to the reference range. In addition to providing accurate health knowledge and guides for health education, Yunfang’s health module also introduced the “Home Health Package,” which includes blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, fat meters, health scales, ear thermometers, and step counters. Household and routine testing equipment, such as the device, the user can test the body's various indicators at any time through the instrument, and display health data through the cloud can on the TV screen, you can also send the mobile phone, so that users can more intuitively understand the family members of the body situation.

Elderly health

Wisdom Smart Watch - Precise Positioning

Family Health Package

Personal health test data

The most pay treasure: TV payment new way

The core of the financial module is Tongfu's self-developed “Best Payable”, the first TV payment terminal product currently certified by China UnionPay, the use of the National Security Certified Security Chip, and the highest security through UnionPay’s national security certification. The level of protection is undoubtedly the most important advantage of paying the most against other similar payment products.

The most payment-paying card payment at the TV payment terminal is a special payment method between traditional offline POS machines and online online payment. Its advantage is that it eliminates the tedious steps of offline card-to-card store consumption. Free online payment, Alipay and other online payment must be bound to the bank card to complete the payment process, you can apply for repayment, payment, recharge, payment, transfer, inquiries and other services without leaving the home, at the same time the most payment platform It can also help merchants to achieve efficient and convenient clearing and settlement, taking into account the business’s quickness and consumer's family life services.

TV payment terminal most pay treasure

Living and entertainment complete living room entertainment ecology

Smart homes, gourmet tutorials, TV shopping, K songs, music... These are essential elements in the future living room entertainment ecosystem.

Life Module

Entertainment module

The diversity of hardware will inevitably bring about a revolution in content services. From the perspective of the development of the mobile Internet, the hardware-based content is the key point that determines the value of this large market. For the living room users, the price is as low as 499. The cloud tank series, which is positioned at the core of home entertainment, is a worthwhile product for both content and price.

Comes with system cleaning function

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