GEM Liard acquires US listed companies to declare "China's creation" strength

China's GEM companies acquired US listed companies! In August this year, Lide Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. acquired the world's top display and digital signage system supplier, Pingda Electronics, and opened the first place for GEM companies to acquire US listed companies. As a leading company in the LED industry, this private enterprise established in 1995 announced its "China's creation" strength with its own persistence.

For 20 years, Liard has achieved a gorgeous turn from industry pioneers to industry leaders. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 15, 2012. It currently has 8 domestic wholly-owned and holding companies, 28 domestic branches, 5 overseas wholly-owned holding companies, and two production bases in Beijing Yizhuang and Shenzhen.

Adhering to the belief of “Innovation Leading, Beyond Aggressiveness”, Liard has spent 6%~7% of its operating income as R&D expenditure every year, and has successively broken through the multiple technical barriers of small-pitch cutting-edge technology, achieving P1.9-P1. 3-level jump of 6-P0.7. At present, the company has realized the production of the world's smallest pitch P0.7 mm ultra-fine pitch LED panel. Liard's ultra-P0.9 mm high-definition seamless wall has been mass-produced, which is the first mass production and mass production of the first LED display on the market with less than 1 mm pitch.

While harvesting the fruits of science and technology, Liard established a core patent pool and constantly improved the brand technology protection system. Up to now, Liard has applied for and authorized more than 270 patents.

Advanced technology has gained market recognition. On September 3, at the military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, the two giant LED screens of Tiananmen Square built by Liard recorded the historic glory moments of the military parade. National Day 50th and 60th Anniversary Celebration, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Dream Five Rings and Giant LED Floor Screens, 2014 APEC Conference Bird's Nest Giant LED Screens are all projects undertaken by Liard. In addition, in the United Nations, the German Parliament, Deutsche Bank, German BMW, NBC Television, NASDAQ, Mercedes-Benz R&D Center, Liard has witnessed the "China Screen" brought by the world with original technology and independent intellectual property rights. A new visual experience.

“Liyad is not only a leader in the LED industry market, but more importantly, it is driven by technological innovation to drive the healthy and sustainable development of the entire LED industry.” Li Jun, Chairman and General Manager of Liard, attended the Liard 20 in Beijing. Emphasis on the anniversary celebration and new product strategy conference.

In the future, Liard will adhere to the "four-wheel drive" of LED small-pitch TV, LED intelligent lighting, LED display, LED culture education media, and the main business with "main business + investment M & A + PPP mode" Rapid growth of business; increase domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, and achieve expansion; in the PPP mode of the cultural performance, the net profit will be promoted through the new investment operation profit model.

In terms of international market development, Liard will increase investment and mergers and acquisitions to make up for shortcomings, and will seize the development opportunities of “One Belt, One Road”, set up a European factory in Slovakia, and intend to subscribe for MIC (the only listed company in India's LED industry) The shares further expand the Southeast Asian market.

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