Sofa Xiaobian comprehensive recommendation five ultra high-definition television package you are content

In this regard, Xiaobian recommends several very good high-quality televisions for users from the aspects of appearance, picture quality, color, technology, and system, and users who are ready to purchase TV can be used as a reference.

TCL L55H7800A-UD

Appearance is the first user to catch the eye, TCL L55H7800A-UD looks very good, elegant champagne gold design, equipped with a TV + OS system, with WeChat interconnection, massive video content, also equipped with a full 4K technology, can be perfectly achieved The physical resolution of 38402160 brings a clearer and more realistic picture quality experience than ordinary 4K TV.

Picture quality is the most important point in TV. For the picture quality, TCL L55H7800A-UD adopts one of the core picture quality enhancement technologies. The true color display technology has been applied to the TV+ flagship new quantum dot TV H9700 and is perfect with quantum dot technology. With the cooperation, the H9700 product has up to 110% NTSC color gamut, which exerts the full color gamut advantage of QD TV.

Its second-generation red phosphor high-brightness LED backlight H7800 color performance significantly improved, while energy efficiency is about 15% higher than the traditional LED, energy saving is more environmentally friendly, and effectively solve the screen aging caused by traditional aging backlight aging Dark, even device damage and other issues.

Through the application of TV+ True Color display technology and the industry's top high-range color LED backlight source, the comprehensive improvement of color quality values, contrast, energy efficiency, brightness and other picture quality parameters has been achieved. In particular, NTSC color gamut coverage has reached a staggering 96%. Ultra-similar products are the absolute leader in the next generation of high-range color television.

Product Model:TCL L55H7800A-UD

Reference Price: 7999 yuan

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Samsung UA55JS9800J

The appearance of the curved surface makes it attract the attention of many users. Samsung UA55JS9800J uses an inverted triangle metal frame design, especially on the basis of the curved screen to make this complex three-dimensional structure, so that the visual effect of the entire TV becomes Very rich, according to the ergonomic design of the curved surface can perfectly display the picture at any position of the picture quality, the world's best 4200mm gold curvature, full sense of presence.

Equipped with a re-mastering image quality engine, it automatically optimizes the color and brightness of the image signal, reducing both extra energy consumption and better contrast, giving the image a deeper black color and 2.5 times the brightness of conventional TVs. Users can experience a clearer, brighter picture while watching TV and experience the fantastic journey that TV brings.

For the Chinese set-top box users to set up a lucid function, when users watch the set-top box and OTT box, they can use the calculation of the TV's own image engine to effectively enhance the quality of the source, enhance the definition, reduce the noise, and ensure the clarity of the screen. degree.

The leading Tizen intelligent system operating system brings more user-friendly experiences to users. Its open system platform is not only more intuitive and easy to use on the UI, but more importantly it also supports the development of web standards for TV applications, and can The Samsung SMART TV interface has been optimized across Samsung’s home appliances and even mobile devices. The process of pushing mobile phones and PAD content onto the TV is also simplified and automated. It is easy to implement with a single button, and more user-friendly functions are set. Simple operation, easy to use, easy to understand, no need to bother to learn.

Product Model: Samsung UA55JS9800J Pride World Ultra High Definition TV

Reference Price: 17999 yuan

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LG 55EA9700

Appearance interpretation classic, LG 55EA9700 body thickness of only 4.9mm, fully demonstrates the technical strength of OLED TV. Transparent crystal base design, people never forget it. Based on the screen design of human natural sight and field of vision, the audience can fully immerse themselves in the vivid and realistic images, bringing a more realistic and more comfortable look.

The curved screen makes it easier for the visual to control the entire TV screen. The user can clearly see the whole picture from different angles. The color expression is vivid and vivid. The curved screen conforms to the natural arc screen of the viewer's field of vision. The view is more comfortable and natural. After careful scientific calculation of the appropriate arc, the objects in the screen can be displayed in the same size regardless of whether they are in the center or the edge.

Image display technology is LG 55EA9700 technology to ensure the clear picture, its pixels can be self-luminous, making it very good contrast and saturation, which can make the screen image contrast significantly beyond the traditional indicators, the picture is more vivid.

3D display is also the strength of this TV, it supports the industry's reputation for excellent flash-free 3D technology, high-definition picture, no ghosting and other undesirable phenomena, in order to solve the problem of lack of 3D film source, also supports 2D Convert 3D functions to effectively solve the film source problem.

Product Model:LG 55EA9700

Reference Price: 29,999 yuan

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Skyworth GLED Air G9200

The appearance of Skyworth GLED Air G9200 no less, its thin body to 7.5mm, thinner than iPhone5S 0.1mm, using Geek Box full-channel game platform, so that the living room entertainment more calm, massive 4K video resources and full HD Video resources; equipped with Skyworth's cool open system developed specifically for TV, with three features: fast startup, fast operation, and fast search, which brings you an unprecedented visual experience.

Skyworth GLED Air G9200 adopts LGD original 4 color 4K Air screen, with wide color gamut technology, more vivid colors, equipped with the world's first independent intellectual property rights 64-bit smart chip, faster operation, JBL speaker +Geek Bass passive Bass combination is comparable to professional-grade sound quality, making audio-visual enjoyment even more perfect.

Built-in 4K area, H.265 area, Dolby area and TV school, massive high-definition video resources everything, Geek Box full-channel game platform support infrared somatosensory, Bluetooth controller and mobile screen and other mainstream game control methods in the market, more than a thousand First HD MV and other music resources.

Product Model: Skyworth GLED Air G9200

Reference Price: 17999 yuan

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Konka T60U

The simple and technically-influenced design makes the Konka T60U TV look very comfortable, exquisite and realistic picture quality, minimalist remote control, 17 keys to complete all operations, the biggest difference with other remote control is the TV and set top box remote control The two in one, no longer need to exchange back and forth between the two remote controls.
4K hard screen, 3840x2160 resolution, Konka's unique 4K color wheel engine technology, so that the T60U TV's screen is meticulous to maximize lifelike. The minimalist Q theme UI allows you to achieve 95% of the functionality of the T60 Super TV with just the right and left buttons of the remote control and three buttons on the OK button, in addition to the search interface in the App Store, Music, Video, and App. With the remote control's arrow keys and the OK key, you can quickly search the keyboard for easy search! If you still feel trouble, you can press the microphone button on the remote control directly to perform voice search.

Konka T60U TV also uses multi-screen interactive features, you can also turn the phone into a remote control, download the appropriate software to connect with the TV, you can use the phone touch screen to make your thumb into a mouse, your TV becomes a touch screen In general, it's fun.
Product Model: Konka 65T60U

Reference price: 11998 yuan

Business address:

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