How strong are our reliance on technology? Why do programmers pay attention to it?

Let us answer the second question first, this is relatively simple. Every programmer must understand the exact situation of the industry. Based on this fact, they have come up with new tools and solutions of high quality. It can be said that the reason why programmers need to understand all the technical needs of users is mainly because they can better sell their counterpart products. All the reasons come down to money, and you can earn money only if you make a wise choice during the development process.


How strong are our reliance on technology?

look around! You will soon discover that you are more dependent on technology than you think. Many manufacturers are aware of this and are trying to apply more technology to people's daily activities. The emergence of new tools has provided us with features that were impossible in the past. Just search for pages like Tres Cool Gadgets and you'll find a lot of very interesting gadgets that are refreshing. What tool are you using now? There is no doubt about computers, in addition to notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and so on. What else? In general, there are dozens of such devices in the home. Wow, there is a moment when I feel that my house is full of technology. How much is it? Maybe even one of your friends is a high-tech product enthusiast.

Developers and programmers are always on the challenge!

The development of technology is so fast that we can only hope that it is beyond our reach. As a result, programmers and developers are forced to learn new things constantly. Some people may even lose their jobs because they cannot adapt to the new programming language. There is no other way than to adapt to it constantly. And, not only will developers lose their jobs, but those who can't keep up with the company's new technology will be kicked out.

Programmers can actually find all the resources

We can't blame the innovation and development of technology, because we can grow with technology. There are plenty of resources at your fingertips, such as Treehouse, which teach you how to create mobile apps, allowing you to absorb HTML, CSS, etc. like a sponge. There are also many blogs that can tell you all the industry information. Just look at what you want, and don't want to take advantage of these resources.

And this is you, as a developer's responsibility, keep up with the industry's progress, learn new things and new things. This will not only help you stand in the wind of technology, but also help you develop new things that people will be willing to use in the future. Never be complacent and think you are omniscient, because maybe the next moment you will find yourself ignorant of the new technology you are using today, and completely out.

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