Skyworth small box and millet box which compare the introduction of a good mini box

Skyworth small box and millet box mini version which is better? For two small TV box products, carry out detailed product function introduction, help everyone to understand deeply. If there is no Skyworth box, the Millet box is a uniquely small TV box, but it doesn't. The appearance of Skyworth's small box breaks the aloof status of Xiaomi's small box, which is like a legendary "enemy's opponent," destined to have a final competition.

Shape and design

What is a small box? Naturally, it is a small-sized box product. In this regard, both the Skyworth small box and the Xiaomi small box do. It is indeed much smaller than the normal box. So who's doing better in the "small" shape? Xiaomi small box 46.8mm46.8mm38mm, weight is about 73g smaller than Skyworth small box 764624mm, net weight 0.2Kg is more dominant, and the cube's design portability is better. However, in the use of space, the unique hanging design of Skyworth small box is more bright.

Therefore, both in appearance and design have their own spring and autumn.

Configuration and resources

In the hardware configuration, Skyworth small box uses HPH23 movement, equipped with Android 4.4 system, AMLOGIC S805 (CPU: quad-core Cortex A5 1.5GHZ; GPU: quad-core Mali-450) processor, 1GB of memory and 4GB of flash memory. Xiaomi small box uses quad-core Cortex-A7 architecture, 1.3GHz frequency processor, 1G memory and 4G flash memory, build Android 4.2 operating system. The performance of the A5 chip is stronger than that of the A7 chip. In terms of configuration, the Skyworth small box has an advantage.

In terms of content resources, Skyworth's small box does not have a CIBN platform but chooses to cooperate with GITV. GITV is the central Galaxy Internet TV integrated broadcast control platform. The platform on which Xiaomi’s box is equipped is GITV, so no one is strong or weak.


Skyworth small box and Xiaomi small box are the main cost-effective products, have attractive prices. According to information received from Skyworth officials, Skyworth's small box is priced at 149 yuan, which is more competitive than the current 199 yuan millet box and is regarded as a super-high-performance box product.

Xiao Bian Comments: Comprehensive comparison, Skyworth small box in the configuration and price are more competitive in two aspects, although the unique shape, but there is no beauty and portability of the small box. Due to its limited size, both boxes only have one HDMI port, and both are powered by GITV, and their overall strength is comparable. From a cost-effective point of view, Skyworth small box is more worth buying, but in terms of experience, Skyworth small box can beat the small box is still unknown.

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