Jingke Electronics: First-quarter performance gains nearly 200% year-on-year

“In 2016, our performance in the first quarter was erupting, with an increase of nearly 200% compared with the same period of last year. Next, Jingke will continue to maintain its advantageous route in the areas of backlighting and lighting.” Vice President of Jingke Electronics Song East said.

Indeed, since the beginning of this year, with the overall improvement of market demand, many LED companies have reflected a good performance in the first quarter, and as a long-awaited in the field of LED lighting and backlighting, Jingke Electronics has also achieved remarkable results.

In particular, recently, Jingke Electronics issued a renaming notice, and the share restructuring completed on December 3, 2015 is now officially renamed as “Guangdong Jingke Electronics Co., Ltd.”.

“The share reform is only the beginning of Jinke Electronics' entry into the capital market. In the later stage, Jingke Electronics will use the capital market as a strong backing to support the investment in R&D and new product development. I want to emphasize that no matter how the capital field is carried out, Jingke Electronics' focus on R&D and quality is unwavering, and we will continue to improve quality in the future, focusing on lighting and backlighting, and returning new and old customers with excellent products. Last month we were honored to receive the award from our big customer TCL. The "Quality Excellence Award" is the best indication of our determination." Song Dong mentioned.

Indeed, since 2003, Jingke Electronics has focused on breakthroughs in flip-chip technology and introduced wafer-level packaging of integrated circuits into the LED industry through gold-free package, thus opening the trend of flip-chip gold-free packaging. Become a leading packaging company based on flip chip bonding technology in China.

"Jingke has cooperated with large international integrated manufacturers such as Philips, and through their in-depth exchanges, will further expand the influence of Jingke Electronics in the entire industry chain." Song Dong said.

At the same time, in the field of lighting, Jingke Electronics launched a new generation of COB core series products in 2016, which has become a dazzling star among many LED light sources. It is reported that its small light-emitting surface and high-intensity beam output characteristics have begun to be in the middle and high-end business. Widely used in the field of lighting.

"Currently, the upstream and downstream integration of the LED industry is frequent, and it will become a trend of industry development in a certain period of time in the future. Mid-upstream enterprises such as Jingke Electronics will usher in a stable and stable technical foundation to usher in the development of the mature market of the LED market. Jingke Electronics will also join the upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises of the LED industry to jointly promote the healthy development of the LED field. Just like Jingke’s “Shengzheng Innovation and Honoring Craftsman” advocated by Guangke during the Guangya period this year, Song Dong mentioned.

Indeed, as the most mature Flip-chip non-gold wire packaging technology in China, Jingke Electronics is worthy of the future.

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