Cool new television 43K2 debut

When everyone was blindly pursuing large-size TVs, a cool-opening 43K2 TV representing exquisite life was released at a stunning price of 1,699 yuan. The cool open 43K2 TV in the appearance of the use of a bright narrow border band, gives people a better visual impact, the surface delicate and smooth, like black crystal. The bottom border is encrusted with a unique rose gold bar that complements the rose gold base, making the entire TV look lively.

The overall design is simple, but the performance is not simple, cool open 43K2 uses 43 inch LGD IPS hard screen, 19201080 resolution, screen brightness 240 nits, response time 9ms, refresh rate 120Hz, honeycomb matrix backlight, lamp beads evenly distributed in the back of the TV, The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted according to the brightness of the television screen, and the heat can be evenly distributed to reduce the performance of light leakage. Equipped with dual-core A53 processor, quad-core Mali-T720 GPU, 1GB memory, 8GB storage, support H.265 10bit video decoding, built-in 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 module.

On the system side, the Kuoci 43K2 TV adopts a 64-bit Coolopen 5.0 system based on Android's deep development. It features fast response, fast operation, and fast update. The startup time of the homepage is about 0.47 seconds, and the start time of the video player is about 0.2 seconds. The center loading time is about 0.15 seconds, and the latest version of the closed beta system is released every week, and the update speed is very timely.

In terms of video resources, Cool open 43K2 TV uses ICNTV license, Tencent video depth strategic cooperation, relying on Tencent video massive video resources, with 784 variety shows, 959 TV dramas, 4080 movies, HBO US drama broadcast alone, NBA events broadcast alone. Including domestic and foreign movie theaters, the hit TV drama update speed is very fast.

Has been the main opening of the quality of life of the cool open, this time in the small-size TV hard work, it can be seen in its full coverage of the needs of different users of the ability, a reasonable price of the product is to understand the embodiment of life. At present, the aircraft has already been pre-sold on the official website of the Coolcom and various major e-commerce platforms. Like friends do not miss

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