Nuts smart theater is cooked! To subvert television with laser strategy

The Holmes Technology JmGO Nuts Smart Theater held the "Nuts Intelligent Cinema 2016 New Product Launch Conference" on the 29th, and released two epoch-making new products. Its first 1080P intelligent cinema X1 and the first laser in the domestic industry that can truly subvert traditional TV. TV S1 created a precedent for the domestic market. In the future, the layout of nuts will open up the film distribution market outside the traditional cinema line, cut through the channels of film distribution, and distribute the original content. Hu Zhenyu, Chairman of the Nuts Smart Cinema, said: Micro-projectors can't subvert the TV. The laser can do it; and after five years, it can be done now.

At the conference, venture capital industry executives and capital gathered. Star VC co-founder Ren Quan, Ai Qi senior vice president Duan Youqiao and Jingdong brand co-manager Wang Yanling also attended the conference. Nut Chief Experience Officer, Fashion Group Su Mang and the famous actor and investor Huang Xiaoming sent VCR congratulations.

Laser +1080P Strategy

Firepower Technology launched the 1080P-Led smart home theater X1 and laser TV S1 at this conference. Based on the nut-based P series to fully meet the individual needs, the G series is based on the home audio and video entertainment product line. The X1 is upgraded with higher resolution and higher brightness, which is an upgrade of home entertainment products; S1 has opened a new laser era. , High brightness, short focal length, off-axis lens, new industrial design and high-performance configuration, is the flagship product of the living room of nuts, truly subverting television.

The on-site display of the Nut X1 parameter indicates that the resolution of 1920×1080 perfectly renders 1080P HD content, supports 4K HD exquisite images, and the brightness reaches 950 ANSI lumens, leading the intelligent micro-projection into a new era of 1080P HD highlights, with a transmittance ratio of 1.13:1 and at the same time The auto-focus function makes it clear and consistent, with exclusive patented high-quality cinema sound effects, and the machine is priced at 4,999 yuan.

Nut S1 laser television, advanced appearance technology, based on professional-grade TV chips, Texas Instruments 0.65 HD display chip, MEMC's dynamic compensation chip, absolutely comparable to high-end TV, 70-200 inch full HD large-screen projection, long lamp life Up to 30,000 hours. The high color gamut of the laser gives the S1 a better color performance and more extreme image display capabilities. The projection screen is more vivid and richer. Ultra-short-focus projection technology, projection ratio of 0.25:1, more space-saving, 4000 lumens truly subvert TV. Both products were designed by Chen Xingbo, the winner of the red dot design award for Oscar in the design sector.

Create an intelligent home theater content ecosystem closed loop

In addition to its stunning appearance, Firentech, which has always focused on content development, has also released an exclusive Nut OS that aims to create a content ecosystem with a user experience as its core.

The new system has a lot of changes, the first sensory system has a good fluency, and the style of the UI is very PS-like. If you play with PSP and PS4 players, there may be a sense of intimacy for the UI of the Nut OS. Different content labels have been designed from left to right, from movies and television to music and animation. Content is very rich. In the end, data reading and menu adjustments are arranged. There is no learning cost for the overall interface.

Recently, Nuts Intelligent Cinema cooperated with Hengye Films to announce “Dream Partner”. It opened a film distribution market outside the traditional movie theater line in the hardware terminal, cut through the film distribution channels, and distributed the original content, in addition to the product hardware itself. The content also has an absolute advantage, and the profit space for software content will be more open in the future.

“In the future, we have plans to cooperate with the theaters to purchase the copyrights of the movies that are currently being filmed so that users can watch the films synchronized with the cinema when they open the projectors, and they can enjoy a movie theater experience without leaving home.” People Hu Zhenyu said.

It is reported that in December 2014, Huoleng Technology Co., Ltd. obtained a joint venture between Dachen Venture Capital, IDG Capital and StarVC (Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, and Ren Quan), with a financing amount of RMB 60 million, and successfully deployed in the star circle and fashion circle resources. On the same day, Ren Quan said at the press conference that NutSmart Cinema is the only smart hardware company they have ever invested in. First of all, because their idea is to invest only one leading company in each vertical field, but because they are optimistic about nuts will disrupt the distribution of future movies, short videos, and even games, and they also see young people in the future are more willing to accept it. Top-level design, top texture, top quality and audio-visual experience are the must-have items for your living room.

The Nut X1 will open crowdfunding on the Jingdong crowdfunding platform on May 4th. During the press conference, the three-party signing ceremony of Nuts, Jingdong and Iqiyi was held. In 2015, nuts sold a total of 300,000 units, and sales continued for the first time in all categories. Thanks to the marketing strategy of “hardware + software + content” pursued by nuts, the three-party signing ceremony of Nut + Jingdong + Iqiyi in this conference marks the implementation of the market strategy for nuts in the future.

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