Case Study: A famous hotel lighting example review in the United States

Located in the heart of Boston's bustling city centre, the hotel is adjacent to the Boston School of Architecture and the Berklee College of Music, with a unique location, cultural and business excellence. The lighting situation is slightly shown in Table 1. See below for details.

1. Foyer

The foyer is the facade of the hotel and the “window”. The halls of the hotel are characterized by their architectural style. The hotel has the same foyer style and impresses guests. The lighting in the foyer will undoubtedly give the passengers a first visual impact. The area is simple with lights, the combination of downlights and wall lights, the shape of the wall lamp is consistent with the style of the interior lighting, the entrance hall is closely connected with the lobby, and the lighting style is integrated.

Figure 1 Hotel lobby one

Figure 2 Hotel Hall 2

The area where the hotel is located is similar to the severe cold area of ​​China. Therefore, the entrance hall is specially equipped with heat radiation lamps for heating (see Figure 2), which is convenient for guests to wait for the bus.

2, lobby lighting

Depending on the characteristics of the lobby and the main station and the quality of the waiter's service, the hotel will naturally judge the hotel's level. The illumination in the lobby is about 200lx, which is equivalent to our standard. In the general service desk area, due to the check-in and check-out business, the area is divided into general lighting and partial lighting. See Figure 4, the visual horizontal illumination is around 300lx. The type of lighting in the lobby is relatively simple, combined with the changes in the level of the ceiling to make the lighting effect rich and coordinated, and highlight the functional image of the main service desk. The main light in the lobby is chandeliers, combined with the golden ceiling, highlighting the lobby is magnificent; combined with downlights, light troughs, etc., rich in layers.

Figure 3 Lobby panorama

Figure 4 Service Desk Lighting

The main desk ceiling and the lobby are not at an elevation, forming their own area. The illumination level of the lighting is significantly higher than that of the lobby. The downlights meet the general lighting of the partitions, and the desk lamps and wall murals are unique.

3, room lighting

The guest room is the core of the hotel. For those who come from afar, the guest room is a temporary home. This “home” has multiple functions: bedroom, study, living room, so the room lighting takes full account of these factors. As shown in Figure 5, the hotel room has a simple lighting style, is it a rational return for high-grade hotels? ! The bedside lamp has the function of a main light, and is used for temporary reading. It can also be used as background lighting when watching TV. There are two light sources in the lamp for convenient use. Unfortunately, the bedside lamp has no dimming function. There is accent lighting on the desk top, LED table lamps, and 5-level dimming. There is no local illumination in the room mirror, which is beyond the conventional design2. The sofa is the reception area, and the floor lamp is the usual practice.

Figure 11-5 Room lighting

There is another special feature in the temporary "home" - the bathroom, the bathroom with downlights and mirror headlights, very simple, the bathroom lighting control switch is set in the bathroom door, different from our country.

The hotel's room lighting is warm and the color temperature is around 2700K, creating a warm and cozy environment for guests to rest.

There is no centralized control panel on the bedside of the room. There is no energy-saving switch at the entrance of the room, and the simplicity is at its best.

4, corridor lighting

Figure 11-6 Wide corridor lighting

As shown in Figure 11-6, the wide walkway refers to the corridor of the common part, which is wider. The walkway lighting is a combination of chandeliers and downlights, the same style as the lobby.

The width of the room corridor is relatively narrow, and the venue is illuminated by small chandeliers in the same way as the elevator hall lighting.

Figure 7 Room corridor lighting

Figure 8 elevator hall lighting

5, lighting characteristics

1) Less fixed lighting fixtures in the room

There is only one fixed fixture in the room lighting. Instead, a large number of mobile fixtures, such as desk lamps, floor lamps, and even spotlights or reading lamps for reading are not available.

2) LED light source is gradually used

As mentioned above, the LED desk lamp on the desk of the desk has a 5-level dimming function. The shape is simple and modern, but it is not in harmony with the style of the room.

Other lamps also use LEDs in large quantities. The indoor light source is Philips 11W, 2700K LED light source produced in China, and the luminous flux is 850lm.

3) Warm color is still the main color

The light source temperature of the hotel is the same, about 3000K, creating a warm environment.

4) No energy saving switch

There is no energy-saving switch in the room, it is a 4 star hotel!

5) No dimming system or room management system

No dimming system is really incredible for high-grade hotels!

All in all, the hotel's lighting is more than simple, saving investment. But the decoration style is not luxurious. The above is the result of personal observation. If there is any deviation, please Haihan.

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